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Oarfish Spell Doom

Oarfish beaching could mean earthquakeOK, no need to panic good people of California but you might want to grab some hard hats and stock your pantry. Seems those darn oarfish are beaching themselves in Southern California and you know what that means …..earthquake!!!! Yep, same thing happened in Japan shortly before that big shaker caused the uber tsunami that sent the Fukushima nuclear plant into meltdown … just saying. Sleep with one eye open.


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Honey, Why Is My Urine Glowing?

OK, no need to panic Japanese people living near Fukushima nuclear plant, pissing radioactive urine is OK as long as you don’t eat contaminated vegetables as well. A professor of radiation biology at Hiroshima Uni said that we want residents to use these results to make decisions to friggin MOVE!!!! Ya think!

Want sauce with that?



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The Forgotten Ones

Saddest story you will hear all day. 75 year old Kunio Shiga has been living alone in his farmhouse 12 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan since the tsunami hit. Stranded in a unheated home without electricity he can only manage to walk a short distance. He has no idea what happened to his wife and he is surrounded by mud and rotting carcasses of dead pigs. His village is a ghost town.No one came to rescue him when the area was evacuated and has been living on scraps. When discovered by a reporter and two photographers from the  Associated Press on Friday he asked “Do you have any food? I will pay you.” A shocked news team gave him water and several health bars and promised to notify authorities of his location. He told them he was aware of the evacuation but he could barely walk and no one came to help him. There is no word yet on whether he has been rescued.

Want sauce with that?


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Can They Do That?

I went for a dip and my friggin hair fell out!!

Oh my, it seems the authorities at Japan’s  Fukushima nuclear plant are going to begin releasing 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean to make more room in the storage tanks for the more highly contaminate liquids. Um, the Japanese government said  the water which will be released poses no immediate threat to humans. Hmm, and by immediate you mean?


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Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

Hmm, might want to avoid the tap water in Japan now that it’s tainted with radiation. The water near the Fukushima plant has been tested and it was found to contain iodine and cesium but not to worry, the government says the levels are too small to pose any immediate health risk. Oh, well that’s OK then!


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