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Please Sir, More

applaudAhhh want a hear a feel good story? Yeah, thought you might. Stand up Cayden Taipalus and take a bow. This little 8 year old was so upset when he saw his friend go without a hot lunch at school, because he had no money left in his lunch account,  he decided to raise money to pay off ALL of the overdue school lunch accounts at his school. Wait there’s more. After he raised enough to pay off the 150 overduers, he and his mom started an online fund raiser and now have $15,000 in the kitty and are planning to pay off overdues at other schools. Hmm, in my day that was the role of the government…just saying.


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One Little Girl Is Going To Heaven

Grab those Kleenexs Loons. Last month Rachel Beckwith told everyone that instead of presents for her birthday this year she wanted everyone to donate to a charity that provided fresh water to families in developing countries. Sadly, Rachel died in a car accident on Saturday after being taken off life support. However, word soon spread about her fundraising wish. Enter website, Facebook and Twitter. One little girl’s wish has now raised over $130,000 in donations.


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Sheep Shit Canoe

What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

Come on now, that sounds like a really shitty idea. Why would anyone want to cross the English Channel in a canoe made of sheep shit? Hmm, well Lez Paylor and Lawrence Toms want to raise money for the Welsh Air Ambulance and what better way than in a “Poo Canoe” I say!  The “Poo canoe” is made from sheep poo paper, flour paste and sealed with beeswax and soya bean extract. Oh for goodness sakes boys that is damn gross. Test trials haven’t proved very successful, with a nice big wet patch appearing after they had a paddle on Lake Bala. The canoe has been sent back to the workshops for another layer of shit to be applied. Good Luck with that. Oh and Loons, if you want to contribute to a worthy cause please click here Welsh Air Ambulance.

Psst Here’s hoping the “Poo Canoe” doesn’t turn to diarrhea during the journey from England to France! That would be ugly!


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