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Thank Goodness For Pre Paid Funerals

Urgh, what stinks?

Urgh, what stinks?

Oh dear,  funeral director Harold Watson Sr from Alabama has got a bit of explaining to do after he was accused of letting a body rot. Hmm, seems in Alabama when a family fails to pay the funeral bill the done thing is to leave the body to decay in a parked hearse (who knew!).Edna Kathleen Woods, who died of natural causes, was suppose to be cremated but the relis forgot to sign the necessary papers or pay the bill (whoops slight oversight ).So anywho, Mr Watson Sr stored the body for over a year whilst trying in vain to locate the family. In the end they loaded Edna’s body into a cardboard box and locked it inside one of their hearses before removing the battery (the hearse’s, not Edna’s) so it couldn’t be moved. It took about 2 months before people began complaining about a foul odor and police were called. Gosh, imagine what Edna’s family must think? Oh hang on???? Mr Watson is currently free on bail but will probably lose his funeral director’s license if found guilty of abusing a corpse.

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