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It Was A Good Idea At The Time

OK, so if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Hmm, probably. So if a 800lb man turns up at a crematorium and you dismember him because he can’t fit in the oven, does that make it a crime? Well, technically no, according to police, but if the man’s family haven’t given permission, that’s a license suspension right there!!

Want sauce with that?


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Drinks Are On Me

Welcome to the coolest funeral home in the world. The Monahan Funeral Home in Providence has been granted a liquor license so they can open an Irish pub inside. The bar will be called McBrides , will seat up to 60 people and serve pub grub. Oh yeah!


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That Wasn’t No Twitch!

You know what I hate? When the body at a funeral home starts to move, I really hate that. A 45 year old Colombian woman, who was declared clinically dead at hospital was transferred to a funeral home to be prepared for burial,only prob, she wasn’t dead. Evidently as they were about to apply the formaldehyde she began breathing and moving around. She is now back from whence she came but in a coma.


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Someone Has No Brains


Oh dear god, no,no,no. Please don’t do this. A funeral home in New Mexico is alleged to have sent a family their grandmother’s brain in a bag, along with her personal belongings after she died. The family unearthed the horror after smelling a foul odor coming from the bag sent to them by the DeVargas Funeral Home and Crematory. Evidently one of the relatives had left the bag inside a truck overnight not realising it was labelled with her name and the word “brain” on it. The funeral home deny any wrong doing blaming the grisly mistake on someone else. The family are now suing.


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