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Should Have Had An Apple A Day

wolf in sheeps


Everything was going well at the funeral of a young Romanian doctor until word spread that he had died of AIDS. Enter hysteria. The funeral was attended by the dozens of women he had slept with but who had no idea he was HIV positive. Yep,needless to say that funeral went from sympathy to anger in a very short time. The following day there was an enormous line of over 40 women waiting to be tested. So far two have been confirmed.


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Sibling Rivalry Problem Solved

A brother kills his brother at another brother's funeralOi, oi, oi, a man in London has been arrested for killing his brother while at the funeral of their other brother. I know, crazy , right? Evidently, the brothers got into a heated argument during the funeral which lead to the younger one being stabbed to death. Sheez, the next funeral  is going to be awkward.


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Didn’t See This One Coming

The President of Argentina has not been invited to Maggie Thatcher’s funeral.

Psst As if she’d come.


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God Bless You

Vicar uses Facebook to get strangers to attend lonely veterans funeralA big shout out to British vicar, Reverand Bob Mason, who used Facebook to get 200 strangers to attend a Royal Marine veteran’s funeral because he feared no one would turn up. James McConnell passed away at a nursing home last month but had no living relatives to attend his funeral so the reverand used Facebook to contact members of the Royal Marines and anyone else who wanted to attend. More than 200 people turned up, many of who were marines. One veteran told a BBC reporter “We’re family, we’re all family,”


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Cancel The Funeral

Don’t you hate it when a dead waiter wakes up at his own funeral. Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, who had apparently died from a heart attack, was being prepared for burial when they noticed his body was still warm. A doctor was called and the waiter revived ,along with his mother who had fainted.


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Whitney Houston Laid To Rest

OK, can we stop playing “I Will Always Love You” NOW!!!!!


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Oh, just in case you were wondering, yes, Westboro will be picketing Steve Job’s funeral.

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