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New Meaning to Pole Bearers

Funeral Service anyone?

Okey Dokey, attention Chinese funeral directors, can you quit with the strippers at funerals to attract larger crowds please. Seems the government isn’t happy.  The craze has escalated n recent years due to the fear if you have a small crappy funeral your afterlife will suck. At one funeral a stripper took off her top in front of mourners (including children) while another performed with a snake. Hmm, wouldn’t that attract the devil? As for the excuse, locals believe stripping has gained popularity in rural China due to lack of cultural events.


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Funeral Crasher

A Wellington funeral home in New Zealand have been forced to stop a man from gatecrashing funerals. The man, who was spotted at between three to four funerals a week, didn’t know any of the deceased and was seemingly just there for the food and leftovers. The man did dress smartly and was very polite, however, when it came to taking food he wasn’t very discreet, he had a backpack full of tupperware containers. When a funeral home staff member finally decided to confront the man, telling him he could attend the funerals but couldn’t take food home, he simply left, never to return.


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