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Gaddafi’s Family To Sue NATO

Quick, get Gloria Allred on the phone, she could be in luck, the Kadafi Gaddafi  (whatever) family plan to sue NATO for their role in the death of their beloved murdering despot dictator Moammar. Yep, their French lawyer is already drawing up a complaint to be filed with the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Which is a tad ironic because that’s where Kadafi Gaddafi (whatever) would have ended up if he were still alive to face his own pile of crimes against humanity. Sheez, and lets not forget crimes against fashion!!!

Psst The best they could hope for from NATO is a strongly worded letter, right Kim Jong Il?


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That’s The Pot Calling The Kettle

Nice dress!

Right, that’s it. No more sympathy for you Mr eyeliner wearing Gaddafi. I can put up with all your tough talk and rhetoric BUT I gotta put my foot down when you say  “We won’t surrender again; we are not WOMEN; we will keep fighting.” Sheez, that’s precious coming from you. Didn’t you run like a girl when the rebels rolled into town?  Hiding out there somewhere like a scaredy cat! I bet you can’t go a day with out your curling wand. Sissy!


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Lockerbie Bomber in Coma

In the middle of the chaos in Libya one man lies in a coma. It’s convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al Megrahi. Seems Gaddafi in his haste forgot about him. Oh well.


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Guess Who Gaddafi Has An Enormous Crush On?

Say what?

Oh my, when Gaddafi fled his compound he forgot to grab his most sacred possession. His photo album dedicated to his “darling black African woman”  Condoleezza Rice. Yep, Gaddafi has an enormous crush on Leezza more creepier than Jim Carrey’s crush on Emma Stone. When rebel forces began looting the ex leader’s home they discovered a photo album full of glossy photos of the former Secretary of State, which kinda indicates the poor despot had no more room in his backpack . Sheez, imagine if he  got to met Sarah Palin!!!


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A Thought To Ponder

I wonder what Gaddafi is thinking right this minute?


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Gaddafi’s Youngest Son Killed By Nato Airstrikes

Oh crap, GDaffy won’t be happy. It is being reported that Nato air-strikes have killed his son,  Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, and three of his grandkids during an airstrike of the leaders residential villa. Saif was the youngest of his six sons. It is believed the planned attack was aimed at assassinating the Libyan leader but kinda missed the mark. GDaffy and his wife were in the house at the time of the bombing but were unscathed.


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Hang On We Didn’t Do That!!!!

Oh my, Gdaffy has been rumored to have ordered his army to round up all the bodies his troops have killed and plonk them at the sites of allied air strikes to create the illusion of mass civilian casualties. Sneaky! The international coalition headed by the United Nations have stated they have been very careful about not targeting civilians during their missions. The US Defence Secretary says Libyan leader Gdaffy is planting bodies  “of the people he’s killed”  to cover up his dastardly deeds and so he can  of blame the deaths on the allies.


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Gaddafi’s Son Dead

If the world wanted to see crazy, they are going to get crazy, now one of Gaddafi’s sons has been kaboomed by a suicide bomber. Evidently a Libyan pilot kamikaze-ed his jet into the Bab al-Azizia barracks seriously injuring Khamis who later reportedly died in hospital. None of this has been confirmed of course so it could be just another one of Gaddafi’s over dramatic fibs.


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UN Goes From Passive To Aggressive

Now who's going to do my perm?

Oh crap, seems the world is at war with Gaddafi. The UN has finally swapped their strongly worded letters for fighter jets and have now declared Libya a “no-fly zone”.Which means, among other things, France and Britain have the thumbs up to shoot the shit out of Gaddafi’s key military targets and anything that could harm civilians. American and European officials have declared attacks could take place within hours. The UN finally decided enough was enough, condemning Mad Dog’s “gross and systematic violation of human rights” and agreed the world couldn’t sit back and watch innocent people be bombed by a despot (with bad fashion sense). Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

UPDATE : Gaddafi says yes to a ceasefire then continues to attack. UN back to sending strong worded letter.

Psst I can hear Kim Jong Il giggling from behind his pile of strongly worded letters!


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So What Did You Miss?

So what did you miss while your eyes were glued to the Japanese disaster? Well, Gaddafi’s  army are “marching to cleanse the country” of insurgents and basically anyone who says nasty things about him. Mel Gibson pleaded no contact contest to whacking his woman and got himself community service (which he plans to do at his ex wife’s charity). Lindsay  Lohan vacated her condo in Venice (California) for fear she would be swept away by the tsunami and then have to explain that to the judge!Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll. Jon cryer confesses to being one. Oh and Burger King’s global chief executive Bernardo Hees called British food…..crap…. and their women unattractive. So basically the world’s still revolving if not a little off its axis!


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