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Galileo Pulls a Finger in Florence

Its this finger right?

Its this finger right?

Want to pay to see Galileo’s finger? Come on, it is his middle digit of his right hand people, an important finger!It will be mounted on a marble base and encased in a crystal jar.It’ll be fun. It’s to celebrate Galileo’s 400th anniversary of his first observations in the skies and what better way to celebrate than an exhibition of his finger, right? Well, maybe one of his eyes would have been more appropriate but they weren’t in particularly good nick as poor old Galileo had a degenerative eye condition and was pretty much blind by the time he died. But hey, a finger is just as good. Galileo, who frequented the earth from 1564 to 1642, was condemned by the Church for teaching that the Earth revolved around the Sun and in 1633 was tried and convicted of heresy by the Inquisition. Ah, so now I get the reason for the finger! It will be on display in Florence for the whole of March, don’t miss it!


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