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How To Terrify Your Grandkids

To be honest I think I would be terrified as well.

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On A Brighter Note

I can kind of picture the marketing guys gathered in a boardroom discussing their latest child’s toy without so much as a clue what it looks like. Introducing Silly Sausage…


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Game, Set , Now Go HOME

computer woman 2Nawww, a Chinese woman who has been missing , presumed dead, for 10 years has been found. Oh yeah, guess where? Seems 24 year old Xiao Yun has been enjoying the cool life, living and playing at Internet cafes. When she was 14 she had a mega yell fest with her parents and left. Since then she has been sleeping at various internet cafes and surviving off generous donations from customers. OK, I know , you want to know the burning question….. yep she played the online game CrossFire for most of her time. Living the dream Loons, living the dream.

PSST She must be friggin good at the game by now!


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Sick of Gillard?

Then give her a slap.

Slap a pollie

Phew, that feels better.

Thanks Mega for the link!


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Human Frogger Fail

Remember that dumbass video game Frogger? Yep, the one where you try to get the frogs safely across the road without  turning them into roadkill. Well anywho, some guy from South Carolina was hospitalized after he decided to try the real life version of the game. Hmm, evidently he got cleaned up by a SUV. Game over. Friends say he was discussing the game just before he yelled “go” and then ran into on coming traffic on a four lane highway.


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The Sex Is Going To Suck!

Here’s the thing SAL9000, marrying your virtual girlfriend is only going to end in tears. You know the honeymoon will soon be over, she’ll eventually find another a virtual animated character who will understand her needs better. Yeah, I know sex isn’t everything but Nene Anegaski has needs too and lets face it, you just can’t satisfy her like those other animated men. I know you don’t want to hear this, but she’s going to  break your heart and take you for everything you own, including you Nintendo DS. Sorry chum, GAME OVER!
A man in Japan known only as SAL9000 fell in love with a virtual girl named Nene Anegasaki, who he created on the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. So enamored with her ways he decided to take the plunge and marry her in a legal ceremony held in Guam on the weekend. Oh and since she isn’t really real he had to take his Nintendo DS along for the ride as well. The wedding reception will be broadcast live on some website later this week. Good luck with that!

Psst I bet his parents are proud!


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I Know It Looks Bad Officer But I Can Explain!

Step away from the car

Step away from the car

OK parents, wrapping your kid up like he was a piece of furniture is just asking for trouble.Anne and Harald Wellbrock from Neustadt, Germany, were trying to make a house move a little easier for their five year old son Stephan by playing “Your a piece of furniture” game. So they wrapped him in packing tape and put him in the back of the car. Unfortunately people who witnessed “the game” thought the child was being kidnapped and rang police. As the Wellbrock family went on their merry way with the youngster wriggling around in the back the armed police were preparing for a kidnap rescue mission. The parents had a lot of explaining to do when they were eventually pulled over and the gun toting police removed a now terrified Stephan from the car still wrapped in packing tape.


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