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60 Minutes Reporter Raped

Being a war correspondent is fraught with danger as sadly 60 minutes reporter Lara Logan found out during the Egyptian celebrations in Tahrir Square last week. It is reported that at some stage the reporter and her team were surrounded by a frenzied mob of about 200 Egyptians. In the ensuing crush she was separated from her crew then assaulted  before  suffering a “brutal and sustained sexual assault” (in other words, gang raped). She was eventually rescued by a group of women and 20 Egyptian soldiers.Logan flew back to US the following day  where she is still currently recovering in hospital.


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Boy Gang Raped By Pack Of Women

Here’s something you don’t read about everyday, a Papua New Guinea teen (17) was allegedly gang raped by 10 knife wielding women. Yes loons, desperate women. The schoolboy was minding his own beeswax when they ambushed him. It is believed four of them had sex with him . Hmm, how does that work? Anywho, the poor kid is now in hospital sweating over the AID’s test.


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