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Just Wait Until We Get Home Baby Bear

Oh dear, this little bear is in big doodah after momma bear found him messing around in a human’s garage.


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Love Thy Neighbor

Edward Jimmis is highly unlikely to win citizen of the year after he put a wreath on the back of his garage door with a handmade sign which read “Glad you have canser. So die stupid.” (and no , he can’t spell very well either). The target was his next door neighbor, Bob Gold, who is fighting cancer. When police asked the cold hearted Jimmis to remove the sign he refused because technically he wasn’t breaking any laws. Evidently the two had a falling out! It was only after a news reporter rocked up that Jimmis switched the sign to “Love your neighbor”.


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That Sucks

OK for goodness sakes, 94 year old Dale Warren Graham has been arrested after he was found in a stranger’s garage with a vacuum cleaner attached to the front of his pants. Yes, it was friggin running. Urgh, masturbating with a vacuum can’t be good. After a three week investigation the elderly man now faces charges of public sexual indecency, aggravated assault and child molestation. Ohh, did I forget to tell you he has been accused of  inappropriately touching young children. Life sucks!


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The Cat Needs To Know Who’s Boss

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

OK, the first mistake was thinking he could teach a cat a lesson (like that would ever happen). A Boynton Beach man was so pissed off that his puddy cat had decided to use his bed as a litter tray, he dragged it into the garage, pulled out a handgun and fired it into a flotation device in an attempt to scare the shit out of it (and teach it a lesson). Hmm, I guess the noise woke the neighbors and they rang the police. Cat 1 man 0.

Psst I’m thinking that cat shat in his bed deliberately!


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