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Silly Bank Robber

Bank robber falls 21 floors down garbage chutePart B of any good bank robbery is the exit strategy. Using a garbage chute on the 21 floor is not one of them. A maintenence worker had to pull the trapped fool out of the trash compactor area of the basement after he robbed a bank and the fell ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 21 floors into garbage. Injuries? Oh, he had a few.


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Oh Chute!

You know what I hate? When your cell phone accidentally falls down a garbage chute and when you lunge to grab it …. bam… you find yourself tumbling down the chute with it. Amanda Still ended up being lodged between the second and first floors of her apartment building and if it weren’t for the trash bags blocking the exit she would have gone head first into the compactor. Luckily a friend saw her disappear  and rang 911. It took over an hour to extract her. Oh and no, she never did retrieve her phone.


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