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The Worlds Biggest Floating Garbage Dump Heading to the US

Arigatou gozaimasu

Hey loons, remember that Japanese tsunami ? Ever wondered where all that debris went after it got sucked into the ocean? You know all the TVs, fridges, furniture and general ruble etc. Hmm, well it’s heading to Hawaii at a great rate of knots and is expected to arrive in less than two years.Sheez, some of those tellys will be out of date by then!. Whoops, did I happen to mention that there is about 20 million tons of this crap? Currently the floating garbage dump is 2,000 miles from Japan and should hit the US coast in less than three years. Poor US, now they not only got to clean up their own backyard to clean up they got other people’s shit to clean up too.


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Woman Dead on Floor For 14 Months

Oh for goodness sakes lady, when your mom falls over and you can’t lift her up, you don’t just leave her there because your house was so filthy you feared authorities would kick you out of your house. Gail Andrews left the body of her mother Gladys Andrews on the floor for 14 months, hidden by garbage and furniture, after she eventually died from her injuries. Despite Ms Andrews not being charged, the house has been condemned and will probably be demolished.  Hmm, so in some ways she was right then!


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The Sad Side Of Life

An elderly Chicago couple have been found alive under a pile of garbage in their house after neighbors became concerned about their welfare. The couple, believed to be in their 70’s, were living in absolute squalor when a pile of crap presumably fell on them. The house was virtually knee deep in garbage and food waste and police had to call the fire department because the stench was too bad for them to step foot inside. Both remain in a critical condition in hospital. It is unknown how long both had been trapped under the rubbish.

Psst Wanna learn more, check out bottom dwelling Dave’s blog post on Hambo Central about mental illness and Diogenes Syndrome.


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