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Rumor Mill Round Up

Poker Face? Photo Vogue Japan

Sheez, who’d want to be the racist, womanizing, girlfriend bashing Mel Gibson this week? Psst, did she really lose some teeth? Seems the big D is rife in Hollywood this week, Tiger should be a free but poorer man tomorrow and Frasier has also been shown the door by his real Hollywood housewife. OMG, did anyone see the vid of Gary Coleman’s donger? Forget the rumors about men with small feet!!!!Britney gets dobbed in by her bodyguard for belt whipping her kid, Amanda Byrnes retires from acting at the ripe old age of 24, British actor becomes the new Spiderman/Peter Parker, and finally is that Lady Gaga? Rumor has it she has posed as a man in the Japan Vogue.

Psst Oh, for goodness sakes you dirty minded Loons, quit searching for the Coleman vid, it’s here at Klister.com Gosh!!!!!


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Rumor Mill Round Up

This weeks gossip round up. Tiger is NOT the father,Gary Coleman still not buried and Micheal Jackson’s doctor continues to practice. Two heiresses have made the news, the Samsung one being not as lucky as the Yahoo one (40 years jail vs smoke inhalation). I know which one I would want to be. Mistaken Bieber sighting ends with an embarrassed 27 year old woman having to show her ID to police. Showing Miley without undies is considered child porn, Perez! Oh and Lindsay continues to accidentally spill alcohol on her anklet. What the hell is up with Sheen’s car? Ends up over a cliff again!!!!  AND no there is no Royal bun in the oven!!!


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RIP Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman,the Different Strokes star died of a brain hemorrhage after a fall at his home near Salt Lake City last night. His wife Shannon, made the decision to pull life support after he lay in a coma for several days. Gary Coleman was famous for his role as Arnold in the hit sitcom Different Strokes. Unfortunately after the show ended he found it hard to find further success and ended up with the cursed title “former child star”. Coleman was born with a congenital kidney disease which hindered acting roles in later life. After suing his parents for allegedly misappropriating money he earned from Different Strokes he was awarded $US1.3 million but filed for bankruptcy 7 years later. In his later life Gary became famous for his run ins with the law, but despite all of that, Gary Coleman will always be remembered as the cute little kid who entertained millions and made people laugh. Gary Coleman was 42.


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