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For Trivial Pursuit Purposes

Oh, if you were wondering who played the Queen’s stunt double during the helicopter scene at the London Olympics, it was a stuntman called Gary.


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Chocoholic Fish

What the? Gary is addicted to Kit Kats, which wouldn’t be all that bad, except Gary’s a friggin fish! Yep, Gary a 4kg gourami was given to the Sea Life London aquarium recently but refused to eat.It was only when staff did some digging that they discovered Gary was only ever fed Kit Kats by his previous owner. Now poor Gary is being slowly weaned off the chocolate. Bummer dude!


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That’s Using Your Head!

Upset over a teachers disciplinary tactics with your child? Attack them with a stapler I say!

Psst The teacher from Beveridge Elementary School in Gary, Indiana was treated for head wounds!


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