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Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention The War!

Um yeah, about that ride. When considering naming a carnival ride, I would probably avoid the name “The Zyklon” as Zyklon B was the name of the gas used by the Nazis to kill millions of Jews during the Holocaust. I’m just saying! Sure it is also German for cyclone but many South Florida residents don’t see it that way. One Holocaust survivor said “Of all the names in the world, why do they need to name rides that? It’s upsetting to me to come across that, as a survivor. I lost my whole family in the gas chambers, particularly in Auschwitz.”
That word isn’t new to controversy in the US, a few years back  a company tried to trademark the name Zyklon for appliances they were selling, which included gas ovens.


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It’s Karma I Say

The moral of the story is don’t try siphoning gas from a Salvation Army van or you might just catch alight. Don’t believe me? Well just ask the two people outside the Tacoma church parking lot who tried.

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Scratch And Sniff

Oh for the love of safety, Puget Sound Energy in Washington sent out a scratch and sniff card with every bill this month  as a reminder of what a gas leak would smell like. In case you didn’t know, it smells like friggin rotten eggs (aka mercaptan). Hmm, I’m sure their customers would have been delighted to get that in the mail! Scratch and lose!


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Not Enough Gas In The Tank Boys

OK, here’s the thing dudes, when siphoning gas from an underground tank make sure there is enough fresh air so you don’t pass out from the fumes. Introducing Robert Jeter, Jarad Desanti and George Brabakos  the three bright sparks who attempted to steal gasoline from a Circle K’s underground tank in Phoenix. You gotta give the men points for trying, they rebuilt their van like a friggin tanker, complete with false floor, pumping equipment and a 450 gallon tank , then parked over the top of the tank and popped the hood up to give the impression they had broken down. Unfortunately/ fortunately the tank they were stealing from was rigged with alarms and it wasn’t long before the police were called to investigate. There they found Jeter passed out inside the van and the other two clowns standing outside. I guess we should be grateful nobody smoked…kaboom!


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