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Stupid Is

Just letting you know loons, if you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up petrol from your boot this is likely to happen….

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Stop Drinking The Petrol

No petrol, no high

No petrol, no high

A man from Cleveland has been banned from going near any garage pumps after he was caught drinking petrol …again. The addict loves nothing better than slashing the hose and taking a drink or sniff of gasoline before doing a little jig while high as a kite. A few years back he tried beating the habit by attending meetings but was kicked out due to the stench and the fear he posed a fire risk.

Want sauce with that?


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Flaming Snake

OK, here’s the thing lady. When you see a nasty old snake slithering around your yard, don’t be pouring no gasoline on it and setting it alight as it may just end up burning your house friggin down. Snakes are like that. No word on what type of snake became a moving flame but it ignited a brush pile which created a bigger fire which then resulted in her and her neighbor’s house catching fire.


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Cremation Fail

Oh dear, a little girl has died in an explosion after one of her relatives poured petrol over their late granny’s casket during a cremation cermony in Cambodia. Evidently one of the males mourners got frustrated with how slow the wet firewood was taking to burn under the grandmother’s coffin. So he decided to help it on its way by pouring 2 liters of gasoline over it. You can pretty much guess the rest. Twelve other family members were injured in the ensuing kaboom!


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Hey, You Got a Light?

OK, here’s the thing, woman from Brisbane, when your partner allegedly throws petrol (aka gasoline) all over you during a fight, the last thing you should do is light a friggin cigarette. That’s a trip to the hospital right there!

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Not Enough Gas In The Tank Boys

OK, here’s the thing dudes, when siphoning gas from an underground tank make sure there is enough fresh air so you don’t pass out from the fumes. Introducing Robert Jeter, Jarad Desanti and George Brabakos  the three bright sparks who attempted to steal gasoline from a Circle K’s underground tank in Phoenix. You gotta give the men points for trying, they rebuilt their van like a friggin tanker, complete with false floor, pumping equipment and a 450 gallon tank , then parked over the top of the tank and popped the hood up to give the impression they had broken down. Unfortunately/ fortunately the tank they were stealing from was rigged with alarms and it wasn’t long before the police were called to investigate. There they found Jeter passed out inside the van and the other two clowns standing outside. I guess we should be grateful nobody smoked…kaboom!


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More Than A Can Of Whipass!

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Oh for goodness sakes, a man in Tampa, Florida has been arrested after he tried to set his father on fire with a “makeshift” blowtorch! Yes, the 52 year old man doused his dear old papa (77) with gasoline, grabbed a can of bug spray and then took aim using his lighter to ignite the fumes as he sprayed. Fortunately he missed his target. I am guessing the argument over money seems petty in comparison now!

Psst Bye, bye inheritance!


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The Hazards of Petrol Sniffing

Man ignited in flames after being taseredA man in a remote community in Western Australia is in hospital after he exploded into a ball of flames after being tasered by police. The incident happened when police were called to a house in Warburton where a group of people were allegedly sniffing petrol. The man in question, Ronald Mitchell, came to the door holding a lighter and a two-litre orange juice container full of petrol and then began to run at the officers. One of the policemen fired his taser, hitting Mitchell on the bridge of his nose and igniting petrol which was still on his face.

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