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Gay Penguins Separated

Oh my,two gay African penguins in the Toronto zoo are being separated during mating season because the girl penguins are getting rather frustrated. The zoo will only put the inseparable Pedro and Buddy back together when they have done the deed with the women. Hmm, that could take awhile! The penguins are part of an endangered species breeding program, which could end up being an epic fail if the guys don’t man-up!


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Gay Penguins Split

Pepper, we need to talk!

Pepper, we need to talk!

Nooooooo! Harry and Pepper, the two gay penguins at San Francisco Zoo, have split up because of a woman (what a bitch!). Six friggin years and it comes to this! Hmm, seems Linda, a widow penguin, has the hots for Harry and has used her charms to woo him away from Pepper. In fact Harry and Linda are now nesting together (home wrecker!). No word on what will happen to Harry and Pepper’s kid they hatched last year! I guess Pepper will have to pay child support and get access on the weekends.


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Gay Penguins Become Parents

Vielpunkt, do you think we should send him to a private school?

Vielpunkt, do you think we should send him to a private school?

Gosh it has been a while since I last reported about gay penguins but I have got some good news. Z and Vielpunkt have become parents. Yay! The two male Humboldt penguins gladly took over the role of hatching a fertile egg and becoming parents after another couple rejected their egg. Z and Vielpunkt were chosen over a number of gay penguins at the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany to raise the chick. A few years back the zoo tried a radical plan of trying to make the gay birds go “straight” by introducing 4 sexy new Swedish females.Like that would work. Now the gay couples are just accepted as part of the Humbolt community. I guess the other gay pairs are hoping to be given an egg too because they are sick and tired of trying to hatch those darn stones!


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Lesbian Polar Bears and the Gay Penguins

We cant help being  Fairy Penguins?

We cant help being born Fairy Penguins?

OK, experts at Kushiro Municipal Zoo in  Japan have been trying to mate two polar bears for over 6 months with no luck. The zookeepers watched Tsuyoshi and Kurumi very closely looking for mating ritual signs during the rutting season but nothing, nada, zip. They eventually found out what the lack of attraction was, they were both female bears. Dah, that was a complete waste of friggin time! Whilst over in Polar Land in Harbin, China, zoo keepers are having all sorts of problems with two gay penguins. Yep,the dastardly duo have been nicking the eggs from the female penguins and placing stones at their feet in an attempt to fool them. Seems the boys want to be daddys and take care of the fertile eggs as nature intended (they just don’t want to have to do it with a female penguin first). Zoo keepers have had to remove the couple from the straight birds because they were a disruptive influence on the community.


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