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He Ain’t Gay No More

Holy cow, he’s been delivered…


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Telltale Signs Your Son’s Gay

Telltale Signs Your Son's GayAttention parents ‘If your son likes wearing v-neck jumpers it’s a sign he’s gay’… so says the Malaysian Government. Yep, Government officials have released a gaydar list for parents so they can be aware of the telltale signs . According to them if your boy wears V-neck sweaters, sleeveless tees, tight light colored clothes or has a ‘chiseled’ physique …he’s gay. Hmm, good to know.

Want sauce with that?



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The Threat!!!!

Oo Oh, don’t support gay marriage? Keep your girlfriends close guys, because they are coming for them!!!!


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It’s In The Water

Oh my, the mayor of a Peruvian town has stumbled across what he believes to be the reason for an increase of gays in his area.It’s all to do with the local water supply and the presence of the metal Strontium in it. Mayor José Benítez has warned residents of Huarmey, during the opening of a local water project, to expect more homosexuals because Strontium reduces male hormones. Evidently he remembers a TV program a few years back which claimed the town of Tabalosos, which is now the water source for Huarmey, has a population of predominantly gay men. Oh what would he know. Scientists say the metal, which occurs naturally, can cause bone cancer, anemia or cardiovascular complications when consumed in very high doses but won’t turn your son gay.


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Gay Hazard

Lordie, lordie, lordie, two disabled gay men were told they weren’t allowed to swim at a public pool and recreation center in Hazard , Kentucky,  because the Bible said so.  Yep, one of the staff told them that according to the Bible, gay people weren’t allowed to swim  in their public pool. The two distraught and confused men eventually left in tears. Hmm, it gets worse, city officials are refusing to change their anti-gay laws. Sheez, I hope they gave them cooties!


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Start Spreading the News

You can come out know!

I want to wake up in a city,
That has equality,
To find I’m king of the hill,
Head of the list,
Cream of the crop
At top of the heap.

If I can marry there,
I can marry anywhere
Come on, come through,
New York, New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made same-sex marriages legal in New York on Friday.


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Only Gay Caveman In The Village

Archaeologists think they may have unearthed the first gay Stone Age man. Seems the 5,000 year old male was given a big old girl’s funeral. Yep, he was discovered in his grave lying on his left side, pointing eastward and surrounded by domestic jugs. Men in those days were traditionally buried on their right side with their head facing west and surrounded by weapons, hammers and flint stones. Given how important funerals were to these people archaeologists believe it is highly unlikely to have been a mistake.

Want sauce with that?


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Shrien Dewani’s Life Unraveling

Sheez, nothing like your wife’s murder to open a friggin can of worms. Seems Shrien Dewani, the man suspected of being involved in his wife’s murder while on  their honeymoon in South Africa got himself a part refund on his wife’s business class airline ticket . Evidently someone from team Dewani called on his behalf to get some money back  seeing as she didn’t use the return ticket. Attaboy. Would have been the last thing on my mind but anywho! Then, just when things couldn’t get any more bizarre some German  dude claims he was Dewani’s kinky gay escort. Awkward. The Munich prostitute said he had three hot sex sessions with him last year. The man who calls himself the German Master contacted Scotland Yard after seeing Dewani on TV. This has got to end up a midday movie!


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Halloween Stabbing Thanks To Justin Bieber

OK here’s the thing kid, if your mommy says “No, you can’t go trick or treating dressed as a gay Justin Bieber” don’t be pulling a friggin knife on her, Bieber would not approve.The 12 year old from Surprise chucked a hell tantrum after his mother told him his Bieber costume was disrespectful, so she grounded his sorry ass from Halloweening but in response he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. Of course she rang the police, no one puts Bieber in the corner.

Psst So how does one dress like a “gay” Justin Bieber,  pray tell?


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Best Quote Of The Week

And the best quote of the week goes to …drum roll please…Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who declared  ‘It’s better to be passionate about beautiful girls than be gay.’


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