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Humanizing Animals

It’s friggin bad enough living with people and their human attributes but now scientist want to give animals some. Human attributes that is! Seems there is a growing number of scientists tinkling with animal genetics. OK, more than one million. Yep, that’s right, scientists are adding human genes and/or tissues to animals. Most of the experiments are on mice and fish in the hope of finding cures for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s but some are using technology to try to create humanized animals. Egads, is the world ready for a real Mickey Mouse? Several top scientists are now pushing for tough new laws to prevent nightmare scenarios!


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OK, deal with this info anyway you see fit. Researchers have studied Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA using  state-of-the-art testing  and have found he’s a descendant of a Neanderthal man. Ozzy has long believed his survival, despite his excessive drug and alcohol abuse, is a result of his genetics. Tada! Hmm, at least he walks erect (kind of)!

Psst Ozzy is also related to Jesse James, tsar Nicholas II and King George I.


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