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One More Time

OK Loons, one more time, do not, and I repeat, do not put peanut butter on your crotch when in the room with a bulldog. Unless of course, you don’t want your penis or testicles. Apparently, the dog ate the man’s genitals and left him bleeding on the floor.

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Look away. A Kung Fu master is encouraging his students to swing large wooden boxes full of bricks from their genitals to help overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Will it though?


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While You Were Sleeping Again

sleepingOh for crying out loud. Remember the jealous wife from China who gave her hubby sleeping pills before chopping off his penis and flushing it down the loo? Yeah her.Well, guess what? Hubby went back to his wife for the sake of the kids but behind her back was looking for a new woman to take over, just in case she had to go to prison. Wifey-poo got wind of his little plan and grabbed those sleeping tablets again. Yep, she chopped off everything left in his gential region before handing herself in to police.

Psst Hubby might just have to look after the kids himself now ūüė¶


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Proof Some Politicians Do Have Balls

Swedish MP exposes his genitalsSwedish politician Lars Ohly posted a photo of his new Liverpool Football Club leg tattoo on Instagram unaware his genitals were showing. Maybe Weiner and Ohly should compare notes.

Psst Sorry Loons, tried to find the unblocked image for you but to no avail.


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Should Have Read The Instructions

man had gentials rescued from steel sex toyEmergency workers in Spain had their hands full trying to free a man’s testicles and penis from a steel sex toy. They had to use a two bladed buzz saw, which required two battery changes, before they could free the dude’s manhood from the metal ring. The rescue was made that little bit harder because his genitals continued to swell.


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Burning Ring Of Fire

Man accidentally shoots himself in genitals with flare gunI don’t care what anyone says, accidentally shooting yourself in the privates with a flare gun has got to hurt. Seems the guy forgot he had loaded it and fired it at the ground.You can pretty much work out the rest, the flare hit the ground bounced back up and hit him in the balls (lighting them up like a christmas tree).

Psst Florida


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The Woman is Nuts

Woman arrested for kicking people in the genitals

Hey, what the …

A woman has been arrested for allegedly running up and down a street and kicking people in the genitals. Sheez, that has gotta hurt.

Psst Florida


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Fifty Shades Of Grey Driver

Naughty boy

It’s bad enough when a truck pulls up next to you while you’re naked and masturbating in your car , but even worse when the arresting officer finds a toy pistol sticking up your butt and another contraption tied to your genitals. I think you should put Fifty Shades of Grey down right now mister!!!!


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Maybe He Should Have Ask For A Breast?

OK, here’s the thing mister, you don’t go exposing yourself at a North Carolina¬† fast food joint just because they ran out of chicken legs, have you no pride? Hmm, it’s been alleged that Jason Gross, who was a passenger in car, slowly flashed his penis at a drive thru worker after being told they had no more chicken legs. The employee said Mr Gross swore at her then declared he had a¬† “leg for you” before slowly revealing his genitals. Hmm, she then went on to say¬† “It’s going to be forever ingrained in my head.” Ain’t that the truth!


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Rajini Narayan Walks Free


Rajini Narayan has been given a suspended 6 year sentence for killing her cheating husband by setting fire to his genitals. Justice John Sulan said the killing was due to “momentary” anger and “muddled” thinking, and that Narayan was truly remorseful for her actions. She claimed her husband had physically and verbally abused her for 22 years and that¬† her intention was to “circumcise and purify” her husband.

Psst This is the third battered wife to walk free for killing their spouse in the last seven years.


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