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Cooties Alert, Cooties Alert

Watch very closely, does George W Bush deliberately wipe his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with a Haitians. I think so….


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Miss Me Yet ?

Oh those folk in Wyoming, Minnesota sure do have a sense of humor. A group of small business owners from rural Minnesota have all chipped in to erect a billboard featuring George W and the words “Miss me yet?”. Evidently they are none too happy about the way things are going in Washington. Take a friggin ticket!


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Invest in Green Ink, Quick!

Good god, does anyone know who supplies the green ink to the Federal Reserve? I want shares in that company. Now lets see, how much ink would you need to make a trillion bucks worth of notes ? I am hoping that is enough so that all those poor bankers can get their jobs back and George Bush has one less thing to worry about! Bless. Imagine how George is going to feel adding “bankrupted the world” on his resume. Hasn’t the poor guy suffered enough and haven’t we?

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