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RIP Barney

Remember George W Bush’s adorable Scottish terrier, Barney? Well sadly, Barney passed away over the weekend. He will best be remembered for his guarding of the South Lawn entrance of the White House like a Secret Service agent and his Christmas videos. RIP.


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Cooties Alert, Cooties Alert

Watch very closely, does George W Bush deliberately wipe his hand on Bill Clinton’s shirt after shaking hands with a Haitians. I think so….


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Miss Me Yet ?

Oh those folk in Wyoming, Minnesota sure do have a sense of humor. A group of small business owners from rural Minnesota have all chipped in to erect a billboard featuring George W and the words “Miss me yet?”. Evidently they are none too happy about the way things are going in Washington. Take a friggin ticket!


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Nothing Worse Than a Pagan and a Liberal

J K Rowlings promoted witchcraftAnd more proof of George W’s brilliance. Seems “War on Terror” president denied JK Rowlings the Presidential Medal of Freedom because she promoted witchcraft. But that is not near so bad as being  Ted Kennedy, he got dissed because he was a “liberal”. Bippity boppity boo hoo! Oh but bless, anyone who had hands up for the war with Iraq immediately had a medal wrapped around their necks, including Tony Blair, John Howard, Alvaro Uribe, Paul Bremer and George Tenet.

Psst Hmm, wasn’t the war supposedly about Osama Bin Laden, you know the one  linked to Afghanistan? Nice blurred lines boys


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Let the Bushwhacking Begin

We all saw it coming. You can’t stuff up the economy, start two wars and not be able to say “nuclear” and then expect everyone to still love ya.The moment the Republicans and their leader George W Bush (oh and Mr 43rd President of the United States of America) got the good old heave ho, we knew there was going to be some bushwhacking.Well the party is over and the cold shoulders have begun. Here is a little cold shouldering at the G20 Summit (that’s right, just don’t make eye contact!).

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The Joker vs the Joke

As the economy self implodes and everyone is hugging their homes a little more tightly, here is a little video that may bring a smile to what has become rather glum times.

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Under Siege By Gordon Gekko

OK, so which one of you wants it now?

OK, so which one of you wants it now?

You have to worry when George .W. tells Americans that their “entire economy is in danger”.Poor old Obama and McCain got dragged into the White House to be warned, face to face, of the oncoming economic woes.I am thinking the two candidates are a little less excited about becoming the 44th president of the United States, now!. Rumor has it they were both whispering to each other..”no you can have it”…”no, you can!” Hillary is thanking her lucky cigar she got ousted before the shit hit the fan and George is just glad that his time is nearly up. Meanwhile, the Gordon Gekkoes are cleaning out their desks and grabbing their big old pay outs on their way through the revolving doors.

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