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Well Officer, It Happened Like This …

Man lived with corpse in trailer homeYou wouldn’t read about it. A man from Georgia had the dubious task of having to explain to police how he shot at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted off its armored hide and went straight through a fence and then the door of a mobile home and chair before landing in the back of his mother-in-law. She lived to tell the tale but sadly the armadillo didn’t.


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Uber Cat Women

pooHow many cats can you fit into a small trailer home? Well, two women in Chickamauga, Georgia managed to squeeze 160 of them into theirs . Evidently the poop was a foot high in some areas of the home. The discovery was made after neighbors complained of cat piss smells coming from the home.  The women told officials that there were already around a dozen cats living in the trailer before they moved in and they decided to let them stay. Hmm, well on the bright side,  at least there wouldn’t have been any mice.


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McDouble Trouble

Man jailed for ringing 911  over Mcdonalds disputeYou go to McDonalds and order 7 McDoubles but when you get to your truck and discover you only have 6 what do you do? Well, most people would just roll their eyes and mutter dumbasses, but not our dude in Georgia. He confronted the staff who in turn gave him “attitude” so he dialled 911 on them. Oh yes he did. Hmm, unfortunately instead of the police reprimanding the staff for their inability to count, the cops threw him jail overnight for misusing the emergency number. Oh for crying out loud, the dude just wanted “to be treated like a person with respect.”


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Mugshot Suspension

student suspended for posting mugshot of principalOK, here’s the thing student from Georgia. Don’t be posting no mugshot you found of your high school principal on Instagram and claim it was for DUI when it was for something else or she just might attempt to have you arrested. Fortunately for the kid the cop refused so she suspended him for spreading misinformation.

Want sauce with that?


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Why Walk When You Can Steal a Bus?

Teen released from jail steals bus to get homeOK here’s the thing Georgia teen who was just released from jail. Stealing a school bus to get home because you were too lazy tired to walk home is gonna get you right back to where you started … jail. Just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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Who Knew KKK Were Clean Freaks Too?

Right, now I’ll grab a rope, you grab the shovel!

Good try, but the state of Georgia have said a big fat no to the Ku Klux Klan adopting a stretch of highway to keep tidy. The white supremacist group had applied to the “Adopt-A-Highway” program but were rejected due mainly to the fact KKK sponsors signs would have to be erected next to the strip they adopted.


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Cow Goes All Cujo on Farmer

Who you calling crazy?

A farmer from Atlanta, Georgia, was headbutted into a barbed wire fence by a 900lb rabid cow. OK, for starters I didn’t know cows could get rabies but anywho, the cow continued to go all Cujo on him so the farmer grabbed his gun and shot it three times. Which, by the way, did not kill it. The bovine was put down by a vet and the farmer is now considering quitting farming. Couldn’t write that in a script!


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When The System Plays God

Today Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection for the killing of an off-duty policeman in 1989. For the 22 years he’s been languishing behind bars waiting for the needle to be placed into his arm to make his heart stop beating  he has declared his innocence. Yes, he was at the scene, that can’t be denied. Yes, there were witnesses but Davis swore he didn’t have a gun nor did he pull the trigger. However the jury found him guilty and chose for him to cease to walk amongst us. Over the two decades that Troy has been patiently waiting on death row new evidence emerged that another man at the scene was indeed the culprit. Three members of the jury at the 1991 trial also have come forward expressing doubts about their verdict. Despite all of this, the state Of Georgia refused to allow an investigation  into the new findings but instead they preferred to take a life rather than remove all doubts. Troy’s final words were for the family of the slain policeman “I’d like to address the MacPhail family. Let you know, despite the situation you are in, I’m not the one who personally killed your son, your father, your brother. I am innocent,”
Whatever your thoughts about the death sentence, a system that isn’t foolproof and can allow one innocent person to die is unacceptable.

Psst I hope for everyone’s sakes he was guilty because that’s one  mighty big friggin call.


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Granny Sends The Internet Crashing


Whoopsie daisy, a 75 year old pensioner scavenging for scrap metal has been arrested after she single-handedly cut off internet connections in Georgia and neighboring Armenia for several hours. The granny hacked into a fibre-optic cable with the intent of stealing it but instead she successfully cut off thousands of internet users in both countries. Hmm, now she faces 3 years in prison and the wrath of Warcraft players everywhere.


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It Takes Some Skill

I couldn’t do this without making a complete fool of myself but a man in Georgia was arrested after he stuffed a rotisserie chicken, chicken wings, a mouth guard and two toothbrushes down the front of his pants and walked out of a Walmart. Joseph Lee Stringer managed to get all the way out of the store via the garden center before getting busted. Hmm, I hope that chicken wasn’t hot.


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