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You Thought She Hated You Before The Divorce

Man gives away his alimony money paymentA German man, who was pissed at having to give his ex wife an alimony payment,  decided instead to give it to a school kid who was standing outside a bank. Yep, he just handed the boy $245 in cash and walked off. The boy, bless his heart, thought it was counterfeit and took it to police who confirmed it was real. No word on the ex’s reaction.


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Snakes Alive and Owner Not So

Mayan Pyramid BulldozedOh for the love of …. a man reported missing in Germany was found dead in his home surround by 40 friggin enormous snakes. Experts believe the only reasons the snakes didn’t make a meal of him was he was too big to swallow whole and they like eating their prey alive. Oh, dear lord..eek. The man is believed to have died of a heart attack while feeding his slimy creatures.


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Shopping Cart Rage

Woman arrested for shopping cart rageA woman in Germany maybe charged with premeditated assault after she rammed her shopping trolley into the heels of another shopper during a fit of shopping cart rage. The incident happened when the woman got pissed at another shopper for not letting her pass in line. So enraged she left the line and attempted to pay for her purchase at the info desk. After being told no, she stormed out of the store. As luck would have it as she was leaving she spied the other woman so she grabbed her cart and rammed it into her heels. Unfortunately for her, witnesses grabbed her number plate as she fled the scene. When police arrived at her home a short time later she told them “I lost control of my shopping cart, it’s not like they have anti-lock brakes,” Meanwhile, the victim was carted away in an ambulance.


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Nazi Christmas Carols Anyone?

Everybody sing

Everybody sing

What was supposedly a German children’s charity fundraising Christmas CD has turned into a PR nightmare after it was discovered that some of the carols on the album contained words to Nazi songs sung by the Hitler Youth movement. Over 50,000 of the CDs were sent to households by the charity who were unaware the CDs had been hacked by a far right group.


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Nutcracker On Ice

Talk about an epic ice fail. A German man was attempting to jump into a frozen pool and shatter the layer of ice  but instead this is what happened …..



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You’re So Grounded

Aw mom!!!

A 14 year old kid from Germany is in soooooooo much trouble after he pawned his mom’s jewelry, worth around $5,000 for about $500, so he and his mate could spend it on prostitutes. Hmm, they financed two trips to a brothel before his mother found out. Hell yes, she is pressing charges!!!! Police are also investigating the brothel for accepting clients under 18.


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So Where Was The Murder Weapon Found?

Whoopsie, German state prosecutors have admitted they made a big boo boo when they sold a suspected murderer’s getaway car. Problem? The murder weapon was still inside. Bigger problem, they had failed to find it, despite police using sniffer dogs. The biggest problem, the suspect Ali B, who allegedly shot and killed his 13 year old daughter, has fled and his wife and three sons are missing. The gun was found by the new owner  in August, after prosecutors sold the car rather than spend money on storage in December , 2011.

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Greece Is Clutching At Straws

You know your country is screwed when you have to set up a task force to scour the historical archives looking for unpaid reparations to starve off bankruptcy . Seems Germany may still owe Greece some $7.5 million  for Nazi war crimes . Greece believes they still have the right to lay claim to the unpaid World War II money. Hmm, this could be interesting considering Germany has been the biggest donor of bail out packages for the debt ridden country since Greece’s plummet from the Eurosphere .


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Fans of Parallel Parking

Bad enough just having to parallel park let alone having to contend with a drunken mob of footy fans cheering you on.


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Sexist or Smart?

A mayor in a small town in Germany has designated special parking spaces just for men in several car parks because…wait for it…. they are harder to get into.

Psst Don’t worry ladies, they’ll spend most of the time driving around trying to  find them.


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