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What The, Where Did It Go?

I was sure I put them on?

I was sure I put them on?

Ladies if your spouse decides to give you a saucy little bikini, I would be very weary if I were you. A German company have just developed a dissolveable bikini that disappears the moment you get into the water. Hmm, the Get Naked bikini has set some of the women’s rights campaigners right off, with one angrily declaring “It is an absolute insult to women that this has been invented.” Oh OK,  I get why they are pissed, it is selling like hotcakes on the German REVENGE website. But ladies, you can get them for men too! Hmm, but here’s hoping it only comes in small sizes because otherwise it could get downright ugly. Oh and don’t be slipping one of those under the tree for granny! Want one? Sure you do, try here Revengeshop.

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