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Have You Checked the Children?

Attention loons, best job ever is being offered in Scotland. Hands up who wants to be a nanny? OK, there is just one catch, apart from having to look after friggin snowflakes, you have to contend with a ghost. Evidently the place is hell crazy…weird noises, furniture moving, things breaking (the usual paranormal stuff). So far 5 nannies have run for the hills. The family claim they have never experienced anything out of the ordinary. Hmm, so what are the odds they employed 5 lying, delusional child care workers? Sleep with one eye open nannies.


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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Oh for the love of god, burn it. A nasty wooden puppet that supposedly tried to strangle its previous owner to death has been caught on camera moving in its sealed container. A trained psychologist, who has been investigating doll hauntings for 17 years, offered to study the puppet after the owner claimed it tried to kill him. For three months it has been in a sealed container blessed with holy water.  Since she has been looking after the puppet there have been unusually unexplained knocking noises coming from the room it is in.


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Who Ya Gonna Call?

manhole3There could be nothing worse than a dead boyfriend haunting your car. A woman in Sacramento believes the ghost of  boyfriend past is haunting her 2002 pick up. And by haunting I mean touching her on the hair and shoulders, especially when she wears a skirt he had liked. Despite her ditching the car a paranormal expert says it is most likely he is haunting her and not the car. Sleep with one eye open lady.


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Nigel The Learning Disabled Ghost

Nigel thr ghost haunts house in EnglandA woman in England wants the housing authorities to find her a new house because the one she is living in at present is haunted by a ghost called Nigel who has a learning disability.  Hey, don’t look at me, that’s what the paranormal “investigator” told her. Anywho, Nigel just likes to turn the lights and microwave on and off. Boo!

Want Sauce With That?


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Things That Go Bump In The Night

A family who rented a house in Toms Landing, New jersey, want their money back because it is friggin haunted!!!And by haunted I mean the usual lights flickering, strange voices and the occasional door slam. Sometimes they claim they would return home to find their clothes chucked across the floor. The final straw came when the couple were watching TV in bed and the sheets were suddenly whipped off them. Hmm, Paranormal Activity much? The landlord ain’t buying it, he believes the family are just trying to skip out on the 1 year lease.

Psst By the way, all of the Amityville Horror movies were filmed in Toms Landing. Boo!


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Ghost Can’t Keep Hands Off Granny

Oh, for heaven sakes, is there nothing worse than a randy ghost? Poor granny Doris Birch has her hands full (or is that the other way around?) with a groping ghost. Yep, every night the 73 year old has to sleep with one eye open because a poltergeist has decided to take up residence in her flat and BED “It’s like an octopus” she says, “It started four months ago.I was lying in bed when I felt this creepy pair of hands.” Despite her attempts at warding off it’s advances ,by throwing her duvet and mattress off her bed , the damn thing just won’t take the hint.Now Ms Birch has had to get herself a ghostbuster to stop the molesting!!!


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Ghost or Hoax?

Is this a ghost from an old Victorian Orphanage forced to walk the hallways of a phone shop or someone trying to scare the boo out of us?


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Japanese Ghost Prank

You wouldn’t see me for dust if someone did this to me ….


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Well That’s Spooky

OK Sherlock, please explain the shadowy blob that featured in a live news report? Hmm, yes, well, it could have been a ghost!!!!


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Jesus Appears For The Friggin Loon

Blahahaa Loons, I think I’ve been punk’d by a spook. On my recent trip to New Zealand I took several shots of the Waitukei sculpture late one night in Rotorua  (don’t ask!). Anywho, one of my photos had a strange white  object in the background which I assumed was just an insect freaking out over my flash. Hmm, on closer inspection I’m not that sure ……WTF ?  That better not be Jesus!

When I zoomed in ..... Boo!



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