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How to Scare A Ghost

Rotting body scared away ghostA family in India left a dead body rotting in their house to ward off ghosts. Shame it didn’t ward off the neighbors, who , having put up with  the stench for months, finally reported them to authorities. When police searched the house they found the decomposing body of a women in an upstairs room. Seems the entire family suffers from severe psychological problems so when their father and brother died some bright spark told them it was probably a ghost that scared them to death and the only way to stop the ghost was to leave a body in the house. So as fate would have it, when their sister died they left her in the house for 10 months. Terrible smell but no ghost. Happy Halloween Loons


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Forget Paranormal Activity

Man filming paranormal activity catches partner having sex with teenage sonA man in Tassie set up a video camera in his house in an attempt to capture  paranormal activity but instead caught abnormal activity. Yep, he captured footage of his partner having sex with his teenage son. Holy ghost Batman, that’s going to make Christmas dinner awkward.


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When Ghosts Go Wild

Ghosts terrorize French familyOh dear, a house full of  ghosts is giving a French family grief. Not happy to share the house, the ghosts have  resorted to throwing things at the family, and by throwing things I mean a chair in the face and a soap tray in the back. It also seems they don’t  like their friends either, a visitor was taken to hopsital after being stoned by one of the angry apparitions. Despite the arrival of an exorcist the family have decided to stay at a campsite while the local
council find them another place to live. Ghosts 1, family 0.


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Even Ghosts Do It!

Ewh, what’s worse than finding a ghost in your house? Finding two ghosts having sex on your couch! Dianne Carlisle’s 4 year old granddaughter snapped the apparition accidentally while playing  with her gran’s phone.

Psst Hmm, are you sure they are ghosts?


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Bottled Ghosts Up For Auction

Not the kind of spirits I want in a bottle, thank you!

OK loons have I got a bargain for you. On the Trade Me online auction site someone is offering two vials, yes that’s right, TWO vials, containing the spirits of ghosts exorcised from a house in New Zealand. Geez, New Zealand friggin ghosts eh! How cool would that be, your own haunting in a bottle. Hmm, they could come in handy, especially if you have a neighbor you don’t like. The spirits should remain harmless as so long as they stay  soaking in the holy water which is also in the vials. If not BOO!
OK here’s the low down on the ghosts who were captured by an exorcist from some spiritualist church. Ghost number one is believed to be Les Graham who died in the house in the 1920’s and loves nothing better to do with his time than pop up and spook people.
Ghost number 2 is a little girl who loves moving things around and turning things on and off. She was captured during an Ouija board session. The unknown seller wants them friggin gone because they scare the beejeezus out of him/her. OK loons, do us proud check out the auction  under “two captured ghosts” oh and don’t forget to read the Q&A section, priceless!

Psst You reckon those ghosts won’t be pissed when they are let out.

UPDATE The auction had ended and the ghosts sold for $1,983.


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