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There Is A Reason Why They Are In An Enclosure

giraffeWhat happens when you jump into a giraffe enclosure at the Wisconsin Zoo? Well, first Wally the 2 year old giraffe will lick you before booting you right in the face. Yes siree, kapow!

Psst To add salt to the wound, the woman was fined $700 for her troubles. Hmm, that’s paying through her broken nose.


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OMG, RIP Hamley

Hamley, one of the stars of the South African TV drama Wild At Heart has died after being struck by a bolt of lightning during a thunder storm. I’m guessing being a giraffe you’re neck pretty much acts as a lightning conductor. Hamley the giraffe had been on the show for  five years.

Psst He’ll be a bitch to bury!

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What a Pain In The Neck

Geez, it’s not everyday you can say you got headbutted by a giraffe. A zookeeper from the Roger Williams Park Zoo was cleaning up around the 18ft giraffe when it Glasgow kissed her right on the noggin. Despite being taken to hospital the woman only received minor injuries. Yeah, yeah, yeah it wasn’t as good as the man who tried to resuscitate the dead opossum but hey it was the best I could find!

Psst How’s about a hippo king hitting a keeper ?


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