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Throw Your Daughter Under The Bus

For goodness sakes, if you are going to try an elaborate prison break, act the part (and don’t throw your daughter under a bus). A Brazilian gang leader attempted an escape by dressing up as his daughter who was visiting him in prison. His daughter smuggled in a silicon mask, long-haired wig, skinny jeans and a pink tee. The daring plan nearly worked but unfortunately, the gang leader began acting nervous. Hmm, maybe those skinny jeans were too tight. Anywho, he was sprung and the daughter, who was left in his place, was arrested. Now Mr smarty-pants has been transferred to max-security prison and will probably be taunted for the rest of his life.

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Girl Gets Goosed

Is it wrong to laugh? Kinda wish the goose went a little more terrorist on her.


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Girl Gets Owned By Manatee

Nothing short of how I would have reacted … because lets face it, if that was in OZ, that wouldn’t have been no Manatee


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Grandpa Dearest

chinese girlWhen some guy raced off to get some money to pay for a massage he had just had at a spa in China, he left his 6 year old granddaughter as collateral. Guess what? Six monhs later the girl is still there. Seems it was gramps intention all along to leave the child. Despite massive media attention no one has come forward to claim the cute as pie child.


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Didn’t see it coming

Feet up everybody, a 10 year old girl has been swallowed by a croc in Indonesia. She was splashing around in a river minding her own beeswax when an enormous beast emerged and swallowed her whole. Her father witnessed the incident.


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What Took You So Long?

Cast you minds back about seven years ago when the devastating tsunami washed away thousands of people in Asia. Well, guess what? They have found one of the victims alive. Yes, a now 15 year old girl known as Wati  has been found living on the streets in a nearby city. When the tsunami hit her Indonesian village on Boxing Day, 2004, she was swept away in a wave of water and presumed dead. Somehow she has managed to survive all these years wandering the streets trying to find her way home. When the girl wandered into a cafe in Meulaboh and told her story to staff they tracked down her family despite Wati only remembering her grandfather’s name.


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A Very Scary Haunted House

A girl hired to scare people at Creepyworld, a haunted house in Fenton, was found unconscious after getting caught in a noose which was being used as a prop. Sheez, how scary’s that?


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Natural Selection

Blahahahahahaa, sorry for laughing but Bwhahahahahaha. Oh my ribs!!!

Psst Thanks Lynn for the link.


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Never Too Young To Rob A Store

My Bad?

Two things sweetie when trying to hold up a convenience store 1. make sure you ain’t a regular and 2. make sure you ain’t friggin 12 years old! Gosh! The Michigan girl allegedly waltzed into the store with a 9mm gun and demanded cash. The staff , who instantly recognized her (despite a bandanna over her face), thought she was kidding around. Hmm, evidently not. Anywho, someone grabbed her and rang 911. Now she will have something to tell the class during “show and tell”.

Want sauce with that?

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Whitney Envy

O…M…G, if there was ever a reason not to encourage a kid to sing.Watch as psycho child screeches and curses trying to hit the high notes on the Whitney Houston classic. Hmm, she shouldn’t feel so bad Whitney can’t hit them notes either! Dear god she is going to be somebody’s wife one day!

Psst Hmm, are you sure this isn’t a Rosie O’Donnell offspring?

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