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They Never Learn

dunceHoney, sweetie, darl, just a little reminder. When picking up your girlfrind from prison please don’t use a stolen truck for heavens sakes. OK, well let this be a warning.

PSST Arizona


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Leap of Faith

Suspect your boyfriend still has a thing for his ex? Well here’s a solution, arrange to jump into a river with the other girl and see who he saves. OK sure, risky, but at least you would know. A poor Chinese dude was left in a “Sophie’s Choice” dilemma when his girlfriend and his ex girlfriend bothed jumped from a bridge into a river. The three had agreed to met to resolve the constant fighting and scheming going on by the jilted girlfriend but it all got ugly when the ex suddenly leapt from the bridge into the water below. As she screamed for help the current girlfriend decided to take the plunge too, yelling as she disappeared ‘it is either her or me’ . Dear god, I would have left them both there. Anywho, the guy decided to jump in and rescue…. hmm, I’m not telling you. Guess?


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How do you know your girlfriend is needy?

drunkHmm try, when you have to fake your own kidnapping to have a night out with the boys. Just ask the dude in England who rang his girlfriend and told her he was being held for ransom in a house in Bolton so he could continue to party with his mates. Distraught girlfriend then rings police, who then go looking for the fool. The cops eventually found him at 1.30am partying away. That’s a fine for wasting the police’s time right there…hmm and probably a week on the couch.


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On The Bright Side

Getting dumped by your girlfriend …. heartbreaking. Winning $30.5 million in the lottery and not having to share it with her…. priceless.

Sandeep Singh, who was recently sent packing by his girlfriend, was working two jobs to support his family when he won $4 on a scratchie. Singh then used the winnings to buy four quick pick Mega Millions tickets and friggin won.


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Kim Jong Um Sitting In A Tree

Well blow me down with a feather if Kim Jong Um hasn’t got himself a girlfriend. The mystery woman has yet to be named but she appears to be in her mid 20s and has been seen wearing a yellow polka dot dress. Rumors are abound with suggestions it is either his sister or his wife.


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You Broke My Bong!!!!

A word of warning, never, ever break your boyfriend’s bong or he may just pull a gun on you. Well, if you live in Florida, he might!


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Step Away From The Bieber Doll

A police officer who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in Denver claims she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. How old are these people, 8?

Psst Does the story warrant such a long article I ask myself? Sauce.


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While You Were Sleeping

Quite pleased with himself!

OMG, it’s every woman’s nightmare. Crazy boyfriend decides to give his girlfriend a haircut, while she’s friggin sleeping. It all started when David Bustos and his girlfriend got into a spat and he stormed off. She wakes the next morning to find him shaving her head with electric clippers. No Bearman, I don’t have a photo of her!!!!


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What is it with men who kill their girlfriend and then keep the decomposing body in the bedroom surrounded by air fresheners?

Want sauce with that?


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Suitcase Escape Fail

Oh for crying out loud Juan Ramirez, please don’t tell me you tried to escape from  Mexican  prison by folding yourself into a suitcase dressed only in socks and undies? I could have told you this never works, especially when your girlfriend starts acting all nervous when she wheels you past some prison guards!


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