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Friggin Elephants

Come on guys, I was only messing with them!

Come on guys, I was only messing with them!

Kimani was once a bad bull elephant. He loved nothing better than raiding the locals crops of Kenyan villagers and destroying their annual income. He thought it hilarious that they would stay up all night banging pots and pans to try and frighten him off. Even funnier was the big bonfires they built so they could light their torches.Unfortunately, The Kenya Wildlife Service who operate the Ol Pejeta conservation park, didn’t think Kimani’s antics were all that funny, they were a tad worried that they would have to shoot the naughty elephant like the last five who wouldn’t stop crop-raiding. So enter Save The Elephants group who came up with a ingenious plan to control the naughty crop raider. They put an enormous friggin collar around his neck with a mobile phone sim card attached, then set up virtual fence (mirroring the conservatory’s boundaries) using a global positioning system. Everytime Kimani got the midnight munchies the conservatory received a text message notifying them of his movements, they’d then go scare him back to the compound using a spotlight laden jeep . So far Kimani has been caught sneaking off 15 times but the last time was more than four months ago. It seems Kimani has stopped his mischievous ways, though, as an elephant, never forgets, I am sure he has got other tricks up his tusk!

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