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Sticky Situation

Truck spills glue on a road in ScotlandA road in Scotland was closed for 12 hours after a truck carrying glue jackknifed and dropped its container. The mass of liquid glue engulfed the lorry and a car before flowing  up to the doorstep of a nearby house . Local road workers used grit to cover the glue. Hmm, glue and grit would make a nice friggin rock!!!!


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Sabotage She Wrote

You know someone hates you when they put glue in your flight instruments. Welsh pilot Doug Blair was taking his 5 year old son for a ride in his light aircraft when he realized the airspeed indicator wasn’t working. That can’t be good! After a few WTFs,  Blair managed to land the plane safely. A quick inspection of the plane revealed someone had placed glue or resin in the pitot tube (which is aero talk for a thin tube with a cap on it).

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Hair Today Jail Tomorrow

Dude, you snip stranger’s hair on a bus and then put glue in it, that’s 2 and a bit years  jail in Oregon. Jared Walter was found guilty of third degree robbery and witness tampering  after he was caught cutting large clumps of hair off bus passengers in the Portland area and then getting friends to lie and plant evidence to mislead investigators. Sheez, 2 years huh?


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This Prank Stank!

So not funny!

So not funny!

An elderly man became the unwitting victim of a public toilet prank in Cairns over the weekend. The poor 70 year old had no idea when he sat down on the toilet seat some prankster had placed quick drying glue all over it. When he tried to get up he realized he was stuck well and good to it!. To add insult to injury rescuers were unable to remove the seat from his butt and he had to be escorted through the gathering crowd with it still attached. Hospital staff were eventually able to remove the seat after dosing it with industrial-strength solvents but not his embarrassment.


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Watch Where You Stick It In Future!



Here’s the thing people, if you are going to cheat on three different woman AND your wife, stay well clear of glue. A man is still nursing his dignity after his angry lovers glued his genitals to his stomach. It seems his wife tipped off the women of his infidelity and before you could say bippity boppity boo, Therese Ziemann had lured the man into a Wisconsin hotel with false promises. Of course she tied him up and of course she text the other women. Before he knew it he was surrounded by all his lovers and a nice big tube of heavy duty sticking glue. After they harassed him with questions of who he loved more they grabbed his penis and glued it to his stomach. All women are now charged with false imprisonment, including the missus ( who wasn’t at the hotel but knew what was going down!).


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