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Knock, Knock

Move on nothing to see here, the persistent late night door knocking culprit has been found. When a California family were awoken at 1.30am by a mysterious knocking at their front door they rang police. When they arrived they saw the culprit still head butting knocking…. it was a goat. The goat was taken into custody and later reunited with its worried owners.

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Are You Kidding?

goat 4Authorities in Chhattishgarh, India arrested a goat for trespassing in a judge’s garden. The naughty goat had jumped a fence and was munching on  flowers and vegetables when discovered. On a bright note the poor hungry beast was released on bail but the owner will face criminal charges.

PSST Lucky the goat didn’t end up in a curry….just saying


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I Want One

I so want one. This is what I am like if I don’t get my coffee.


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You Have To Be Kidding

goat 4A man in Kenya who was in court to face rape charges has had the additional humilition of having to face his nanny in court. And by nanny I mean a goat. Yep, seems the guy was caught in a field having his way with the poor creature. That’s 10 years right there.

Psst Thanks to Susi Spice for this little gem.


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Racist Goat Painted Black

Why are you staring at me?

How do you get up the nostril of the Swiss People’s Party, a seriously far right group? Kidnap their mascot, Zottel the goat and paint him black. That ought to do it. Zottel, according to the party’s website, is “against mass immigration”.

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Killer Goat

You talking to me?

OMG, no need to panic hikers in Olympic National Park but some of those mountain goats roaming the park are friggin killers. Bob Boardman was hiking with his wife and a friend when they were approached by a bad tempered goat. When Mr Boardman tried shooing it away the goat attacked, goring him in the thigh. To make matters worse the goat stood over his victim while he lay bleeding. By the time an off duty park ranger got to Mr Boardman, after pelting the goat with rocks, he was dead.

Psst The goat was shot dead  for his troubles.


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He Deserves to be a Billy Goat Gruff

Oh, for bleating out loud, look at me!

Oh for goodness sakes people! Geordie the goat, who is a well known local icon in New Plymouth (New Zealand), has become a victim of graffiti vandals. Some little shits (or big shits) spray painted FTP (Fuck the police) in bright orange paint across Geordie’s body. Now that’s not nice. As if poor Georgie hasn’t got enough to deal with…it just gets his goat!

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Animal Rapist Should Marry Goat

You rape a goat in Mozambique you damn well marry it. So says the goat’s owner who was horrified to learn two young men had raped one of his herd. He not only wants them to pay him damages he wants them to have a traditional wedding  ceremony which includes paying a dowry. Police sprung the two men in the act in the rural town of Mbucuta. A witness said “One of the young men was naked and holding the goat’s head, and the other was having sex with the animal.” Awkward.  Hmm, I wonder if the bride will wear white?  I bet there will be a lot of salad!


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Billy Don’t Be A Hero

My bad?

OK, here’s the thing Billy the kid, if you stand in the middle of the road and block traffic you are going to get your sorry ass arrested. Bremen police in Germany didn’t hesitate in arresting the nuisance goat for disrupting traffic and throwing it in jail. No one has yet stepped forward to claim the wayward animal but that could be something to do with the fact it “smells very bad” (Hey, I didn’t write the police report!). So far the goat is quite happy with bread and water.


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Everybody Panic It’s A Kid!

Strange goat human born in ZimbabwePeople in Africa are freaking after a goat/ human thingy was born in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe. The creature is believed to have had a huge human head and face but goat legs and a tail. The human goat died a few hours after birth. Villagers say it was so friggin scary not even the dogs would  go near it. Oh dear, the Governor and Resident Minister Jason Machaya is convinced the beast is the end result of a love affair between a man and a goat “”The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat. This is evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control.” Hmm, on the other hand a vet believes the creature may have been a child suffering from hydrocephalus aka water on the brain(that would be sad). Whatever it was the villagers were so spooked they burned the corpse fearing it was a really bad omen.

Psst I think it is just a badly disfigured kid!


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