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Why God, Why?

Oh dear god, the questions people ask of the almighty on a monthly basis ….



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God Has A Representative

Cleric believes God is waiting to unleash natural disaster on the WestWell then, a woman in Omaha is taking it upon herself to sue ALL the homosexuals on behalf of God and Jesus. Yes indeedy, she has filed a federal lawsuit asking the judge to clarify if homosexuality is a sin because according to the Bible it is (yes, she quoted Sodom and Gomorrah). She also states in her 7 page handwritten court brief “I never thought that I would see a day in which our great nation or our own great state of Nebraska would become so compliant to the complicity of some peoples lewd behavior,”.  Oh and the reason they are “hiding in the closets” is that they know it is a goddam sin.


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Holy Eggplant

Move over Jesus, the bigger dude is wanting to make an appearance. A cook in Louisiana sliced into an eggplant and low and behold, the word of god appeared.

holy eggplant


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Only In Ohio

Sorry Bearman, I had no choice, I now have  a new category, Friggin Ohio!!!! Oh and that’s $5 bucks for mentioning your name!!!!!


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Fred Phelps Plans To Picket Tuscon Funerals

Oh for crying out loud, who let the asshole out? Hmm, why doesn’t bad things happen to bad people . Fred Phelps rants on YouTube about congress woman Gabrielle Giffords ….


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Police Taser God

The naked man who said he was God and the Devil had to be tasered by Washington county police after motorists rang 911 complaining he was jumping on passing cars and screaming. Hmm, heroin was found in “God’s” pockets!


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Deliver Us From Evil

I said Clarendon you idiot!

OK, so a man shoots up his hotel room with a gun, no real biggie, but then leaves a note saying “God delivered me from evil and placed me in Albion, Michigan.”. Geez, now everybody panic. Albion, Michigan? I think god was messing with ya!

Psst Oh did I forget to mention he also tried to cook his alarm clock in the microwave?


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