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Hedged His Bet!

Well, well, well, lookie here, Goldman Sachs have managed to find a fall guy for their fraud charge. And the head on a platter goes to 31 year old Fabrice “fabulous Fab” Tourre the then vice pres at Goldman. It was him and only him people, who committed fraud by not disclosing to investors “that a hedge fund that helped choose the mortgage-backed securities going into a Goldman-structured investment was the same hedge fund betting against that deal.” Geez, I wonder what reward he gets for sticking his neck out on the chopping block? Might want to give Scooter Libby a buzz to compare notes!


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Who Needs Terrorists

WTF. It has been revealed Goldman Sachs, the company bailed out by the US Government in 2008, has had such a bumper last year in the UK it is planning to give it’s execs and staff a 81% rise in their pays and bonuses. The top dogs are looking at 8 figure payouts and there aint a damn thing Gordon Brown or the British government can do about it.


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