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Alligator bites off teens armOK golfers, one more time, do not and I repeat, DO NOT, make dares about who can retrieve the most golf balls from a croc infested dam in Kruger National Park, because someone’s gonna lose. The man disappeared after he waded into waist high water to pick up a ball. They don’t call it Lake Panic for nothing.


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Something Fishy About These Balls

Blahaha lobster balls, aren't they too small to hit?

Scientists from the Maine University have invented a golf ball made entirely out of lobster shells, making them biodegradable. You know what this means loons? Yes, golf is back on cruise ships! Since 1991 it has been illegal for anyone to pollute the oceans with golf balls thanks to some friggin treaty but now we have “Lob-shots”, golf is back on the high seas. Oh and the Greenies should be happy because normally crustacean shells end up as landfill but now they can  go back from whence they came as ocean fill! Oh and if you were wondering, the balls are strong enough to withstand a good whack from an iron or driver and will take about a week to break up in water. Hmm, I wonder how much funding they received for this project?

Psst Still no cure for cancer!

Wants sauce with that?


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Evidence Nessie Plays Golf

Can I have the sports section after you?

Can I have the sports section after you?

Either Nessie likes playing golf or the locals have been using her as target practice! On a recent  Loch Ness monster expedition, a US research team have uncovered a graveyard of golf balls on the floor of the loch. Thousands of them in fact. At first the team thought they were mushrooms but on further inspection they discovered to their surprise they were golf balls.


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