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See Ya Later

The scariest part of this video isn’t the gigantic friggin alligator stomping across the golf course …. hell no…it’s the dude telling his mate to stand next to it to get perspective. Yeah Dave, go pat it!

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Beware of a Hole in One

Someone in Norway is pooping in the holes at the Stavanger golf course. And by someone the groundskeeper thinks it is a man “because the poos are too massive to be from a woman.” Hmm, no shit Sherlock. He also said the pooping had been an ongoing problem since 2005 and the pooper has some favourite holes he likes to deposit in. The club claims the pooper rides his bike to the holes during the week, not weekends. They even installed high powered spotlights to deter him but he climbed the tree and dismantled them. Oh a more brighter note the culprit is also using toilet paper.


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19 Hole Golf Course in Illinois

This is not the hole in one you want on a golf course. Some poor golfer ended up falling down a 5.5m  sinkhole while playing in Illinois. It took 20 minutes to pull him out.


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Raining Sharks in California

You know what I hate? When you are about to tee off and a 2ft friggin shark (No, not Greg Norman silly) comes sailing through the air and makes you shank your shot. I really friggin hate that. A leopard shark was found thrashing around on the 12th tee of a golf course in Southern California after having apparently been plucked from the ocean and dropped on the tee by some dumbass seabird. A quick thinking golf marshall grabbed the shark, threw it in his golf buggy and took it back to the clubhouse where it was thrown into a bucket of water until someone realised it was a salt water creature. Quick, pass us the table salt.

A golfer then volunteered to drive the shark (in the bucket) back to the ocean where it played dead for awhile before swimming off into the wide blue yonder. Sheez, a chicken soup for the soul moment.

Psst Oh for crying out loud, in Australia it would have been a friggin great white!!!!

Thanks to Craig Berry for this shark tale.


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