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Alligator bites off teens armOK golfers, one more time, do not and I repeat, DO NOT, make dares about who can retrieve the most golf balls from a croc infested dam in Kruger National Park, because someone’s gonna lose. The man disappeared after he waded into waist high water to pick up a ball. They don’t call it Lake Panic for nothing.


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A Chinese golfer playing at the Howick Golf course in Auckland has been found at the bottom of a 100ft cliff. It is believed he fell while looking for his ball. The man was discovered  by a groundsman who had noticed his golf cart hadn’t moved for 15 minutes. He is in currently in hospital in a serious condition.


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Golf Handicap

Here’s the thing people, when playing golf in South Carolina try to avoid the 3m alligator that is lying in wait in that there  pond. A 71 year old man has had his arm clear bitten off after he went to retrieve a ball at the Ocean Creek Golf Course.

Psst The alligator has since been put down


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