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It’s The Season

Move over 60 year old can of soup we have a new winner for the “Let’s Donate Crap” to  charity award. A Goodwill store  in California recieved a nice surprise when they opened a box of goodies and found a live hand grenade. The streets had to be evacuated and the bomb squad called. Nice one.


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Donate on Valentine’s Day

Roll up, roll up, and dump your ex’s crap at the Goodwill in Florida. Yep, in a new campaign the recycle charity group are encouraging people to clear out their ex-lover’s stuff from their closets and start afresh for Valentine’s Day. Hmm, that’s if you haven’t already thrown them and their stuff to the curb .


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A Hand Grenade Is Not A Goodwill Item

This is really not funny people!

No, people, no, the Madison Goodwill store does not, and I repeat, does not want hand grenade donations, clothes yes, explosive devices not so much. Now the friggin Greensboro bomb squad will have to be called!

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