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Google’s in Town

I was minding my own beeswax a few days ago and guess what cut in front of me? The Google Streetview car. Sheez, I hope it got my best side!



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Hey Google?

Google should remove websites that contain malicious virusesWould you be a darl and do something constructive? Why don’t you clean up the net by running one of  those trawling spiders of yours and remove…block …blow up  all the sites that have spyware and malicious viruses? Oh and don’t say you can’t do it because those algorithms you keep spewing out have been continually sending good websites to oblivion .


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Friggin Talking Shoes

The last thing in the world that the Loon needs is a pair of friggin sneakers that talk,  especially if it reacts to my movements. The ADIDAS shoes contains a computer that follows your every move, records it and then talks to you. No thanks Google, I don’t need a shoe to tell me I’m lazy!!!


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Justin Bieber Has Syphilis?

Not so cool now are you freak boy!!!

Oh you little kidders, you. Someone on the popular website 4chan.org decided to make it their life long goal of getting “Justin Beiber syphilis” as the #1 search term in the US… and guess what? They friggin succeeded. Yes, Sunday night “Justin Beiber Syphilis” was the No1 search term according to Google Trends. Well done. Now that is a PR friggin nightmare. See, that’s what happens when you have a photo shoot with Kim Kardashian! No word yet from the Bieber camp on whether the nasty rumor is true!

Psst Sheez, lucky I Beiber proofed my computer, wouldn’t want to catch that virus!!! Oh well, I am sure some cream will clear it up!!!


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Friggin Google Street View

Whoops, Google Street View have been asked by the Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, if they would be so kind as to remove the images of a murder scene off their site! Evidently when the Google car was snapping it’s 3D images it inadvertently captured the aftermath of a murder scene, complete with a pool of blood and police crime scene tape. Don’t bother loons, it’s already been removed!


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Google Super Bowl Commercial

You kinda know the moment Google did a commercial like this for the Super Bowl it wouldn’t be long before the piss pullers came out of Youtube…

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Where did the flag go?

Australia Day wouldn’t be complete without a little controversy to get us hot and bothered. Google have been left to “please explain” why they omitted the Aboriginal flag from the winning Australia day “doodle” by 11 year old Jessie Du from NSW. On her original entry she had included the Aboriginal flag but the image that eventually appeared on Google’s homepage has been mysteriously edited. No people, Google aren’t being racist, anti Aboriginal, politically incorrect, they are merely having copyright issues. Seems the copyright of the Aboriginal flag design belongs to Australian artist Harold Thomas and he refused to accept the “pittance” they were offering to pay him to use it. It’s copyrighted? Who knew?

Before and after.


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Bin Laden Boo Boo

So much for the FBI’s “cutting edge” technology. Hmm, seems a lazy assed technician nicked a photo off Google of Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares to create the aging photo of Bin Laden. …oh and isn’t he downright pissed! The FBI had to admit that one of their people took a photo from Google images to help create the snap despite all the blah, blah blah about their state of the art digital equipment. Awkward! Mr Llamazares has been a strong critic of the “War on Terror” and believes it was more than a coincidence they used his likeness as a guide. He is now demanding a ” Please Explain” from the US.

Psst Gosh, it was only his hair and forehead that were used….be grateful it wasn’t anything else or he might be in Guantanamo!


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Who Is Calling Me A Skank?

Not since Fatal Attraction has a woman scared the shit out of so many people (who am I kidding…so many bloggers). Oh yes, model Liskula Cohen (who I had never heard of until the “skank” controversy) has successfully convinced the courts to force Google to name the anonymous blogger who trashed her on the “Skanks in NYC” blog (don’t bother trying to find it, it’s long gone) so she can sue her ass off. The blogger, Rosemary Port, who hid behind the first amendment, has now been outed by a furious Ms Cohen whom Rosemary dissed  with such descriptive tags as “skank”, “old hag” and a “psychotic lying whore”. So now every blogger in the world  is watching with intent interest in the outcome of the defamation lawsuit which has been unceremoniously slapped on Ms Port. Because lets face it, most bloggers  believe they are and should be protected by the freedom of speech, first amendment, right to be anonymous umbrella. Oh hello re-evaluation . Ooh and Google aren’t totally off the hook either, Ms Port is suing them for not protecting her from the model who will forever be linked to the word skank (so very ironic isn’t it?).

Psst BTW if you check out Ms Cohen’s Wiki page, the skank controversy is longer than her bio 🙂 . Not bad considering that the “Skanks in NYC” blog only ever got a few visitors, with the main one being Liskula Cohen (been Googling your name huh?).

Hmm, and YouTubers are having a field day….


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Cuil – So How’s That Working For You ?

When something doesn’t look right, you should take heed. The new search engine Cuil, is friggin NOT. Firstly, use a “real word” so my spell checker can get a day off, secondly use a friendly  background so I don’t feel as though I am about to enter a porn site and thirdly test before you launch dahh!

This is how much I like Cuil, I would go to a public library before ever going back onto Cuil to search for something. You know we love hating Google, but if this is our best alternative we are in deep cyberspace. A library without an index system is like, well Cuil!  Lets just hope they aren’t using the public to sort out all the glitches!!! Lucky I didn’t buy any shares in this dot com.

Apprentice search engine…..YOU’RE FIRED !

I am nominating Cuil for the 2008 Friggin Loon Award.

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