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The Beloved Gorilla Koko Passes

Koko the gorilla who could communicate through sign language has died in her sleep at the age of 46. The much-loved gorilla knew over 1000 words and was able to communicate to her carers when she was in pain. When Koko was told of her friend’s passing, Robin Williams, she cried.

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Watch out for the …..


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Koko Gets Kittens

Remember Koko the gorilla who can communicate through sign language? Well, she just turned 44 and for her birthday she got to pick a kitten.


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Gorilla Walks Like A Man

Holy evolution debate Batman. A Silverback gorilla called Ambam has learned to walk like a man after spending an awful lot of time peering over the fence waiting for his  food. Hmm, funny, because I’ve spend a lot of time on all fours…ah never mind!


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Gorilla in The Mist

Geez, did have to use a cleaver?

Geez, you should have seen his face, priceless!

Hmm, it is either a case of too much Saki or there really was a someone in a gorilla suit. An employee of Jimmy’s Japanese Hibachi was taking out the trash when from out of the darkness came a gorilla who proceeded to punch him in the head. OK, it wasn’t a real ape just someone in a gorilla suit but it sounds way better. Then like out of a Jackie Chan movie he wrestled the gorilla for awhile before running back into the restaurant (oh, with the gorilla in hot pursuit). As the gorilla ran to the cash register, our brave “Jimmy’s” employee grabbed a meat cleaver and whacked it into the gorilla’s arm. Last thing he remembers is seeing the gorilla flee with the cleaver still stuck in the suit.

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