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Promise You Won’t Tell?

They aren't real!!!!

How long do you think a woman can keep a secret? If you said 32 minutes, take a bow. Yep, a recent study has found a female can only hold her tongue for a little over half an hour. Even more disturbing 13% deliberately offload the gossip in order for it to spread. Bitchy!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Rumor Friggin Mill

It’s back!!!!! Sheez, hasn’t been much happening in Hollywood of late until Miley went and bonged herself on Saliva Salvia. Sweet niblets, that’s a achie breakie hallucinate drug dumbass. Splitsville for Zac Efron and Vannessa Whatshername, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan “get me out of this friggin coffin” Reynolds and Dexter and his sister.Wedding bells for Hulk Hogan and his handbag, 35 year old Jennifer McDaniels.Oprah left Hugh Jackman in stitches (literally) after a stunt went wrong, which proves what I always suspected, Wolverine is full of shit. Speaking of which, Australia just got a whole lot lighter with the big O departing our shores with her studio audience, big sigh of relief from the Aussie golliwogs.

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Rumor Mill Roundup

Last week the celebs were behaving themselves but this week, not so much. Lindsay Lohan hit a baby in a stroller but not enough to send her back to rehab (or care). Donald Trump tried to tempt the New York mosque owners to get the hell out of New York with a shit load of money . Floyd Mayweather Jr. tried to do a Tyson on his girlfriend but got arrested for his troubles. Loud Reed made Susan Boyle rain tears of hell fire after refusing to allow her to sing one of his songs…and no, it wasn’t Walk On The Wild Side (sheez!). WTF, a bodyguard is claiming Britney Spears sexually harrassed him. Hello if you were a fat, fame whore, dancer, I could possibly believe ya but a mere bodyguard, no way!


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Rumor Mill Round Up!

I friggin knew that blue friggin Power Ranger was gay, now he’s claiming he quit because of all the homophobics on set kept teasing him (hmm, ever thought it may have been because of the costume?) . Hunter Tylo is being sued by her manager, a security firm and her lawyers but strangely not her botox supplier? Mrs Brady (aka Florence Henderson) is limbering up for Dancing With the Stars at 76!!! WWE (that’s wrestling) star Gertrude “Luna” Vachon found dead. Leo Dicaprio is going to become a daddy by some delusional stalker who is preggers with a child she’s gonna call Jesus (restraining order time). Fame whore Paris is claiming that ain’t her purse.  Oh and Lindsay is back, out and about partying at 2am


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Rumor Mill Round Up

This weeks gossip round up. Tiger is NOT the father,Gary Coleman still not buried and Micheal Jackson’s doctor continues to practice. Two heiresses have made the news, the Samsung one being not as lucky as the Yahoo one (40 years jail vs smoke inhalation). I know which one I would want to be. Mistaken Bieber sighting ends with an embarrassed 27 year old woman having to show her ID to police. Showing Miley without undies is considered child porn, Perez! Oh and Lindsay continues to accidentally spill alcohol on her anklet. What the hell is up with Sheen’s car? Ends up over a cliff again!!!!  AND no there is no Royal bun in the oven!!!


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