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Where Is Thankful and Grateful In This Equation?

Disgraceful is the only word I can think of to describe the behavior of “illegal” asylum seekers who last night torched two buildings on the multi, multi million dollar Chistmas Island detention centre . I thought these people were fleeing their countries because of this behavior but obviously NOT! To be fair only 250 of these so called asylum seekers are behind the rioting but surely the Federal government has now got to question their policies. Gillard and her UN hugging cohorts are determined to ignore the cries of a nation who are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They even changed the laws to allow these “illegals” to appeal denied applications in  the High Courts. Where the hell is “thankful” or friggin “grateful”  in this equation? Take your anger and hard done-bys back in your boats and try this behavior back in your homeland and see where it gets you.I would gladly use these detention centres to house Japanese earthquake victims who would be grateful just to have a place to stay. Ship these so called “refugees” back to the end of the queue from whence they came and make them wait like everyone else.

Psst Please note this isn’t about “real” refugees but the ones who have enough “money” to pay to jump the queue and then use bully boy tactics to get our spineless government to kowtow  to them. Why don’t you spend the money looking  after the elderly who would love the same opportunities or even half  of them!


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The Price Of Mother Nature

Oh my, seems China are none too happy about losing citizens in the recent Christchurch earthquake and are demanding New Zealand fork out additional compensation to the Chinese families who lost children. Reason? That one child policy. By law Chinese couples are only allowed to have one child and if that child dies, there goes their financial assistance in  old age. With this in mind, the Chinese government are hoping the New Zealand government will pay additional comp to the families. Hmm, good luck with that. Isn’t that what life insurance is for?


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Shit, There Goes The Neighborhood!

OMG, Queensland has introduced a new law which means you could now get an on the spot for swearing or pissing in public. The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is hoping the new powers will help stop minor public offences from clogging up the courts. So one more time people,  urinating or swearing  in public will get you an on the spot fine of between $100-$300.  That’s an estimated Government saving of between $18-$30 million a year. Shit!


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I Wouldn’t Come Any Closer If I were You

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In China when property developers want your land you build a big friggin cannon out of a wheelbarrow and pipes and shoots fireworks at anything that moves. OK, well not everyone in China  but Yang Youde certainly does. Yang is just one of many who are being forced to give up their land to the local government as part of the property confiscation rule. After refusing the governments pittance payment for his land he toddled off and built himself a cannon. So far he has fended off two eviction teams by shooting over their heads with rockets made from fireworks. In his latest attack he shot at over 100 people from a makeshift watchtower. Not only can his rockets travel over 100m they make a god awful kaboom too! Eviction teams 0, Crazy as a cut snake land owner 1


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Traffic Jam and Butter

Now I am toast!

Now I am toast!

And now for something completely different. Government officials in Guangzhou have ordered workers to smear very inch of the climbable surface of a 1,000 bridge with butter.Yes you heard me, butter. Seems they are sick and tired of motorists slowing down and holding up traffic to watch people leaping to their deaths. Hmm, this particular bridge is popular for suicides.  Despite the government employing guards, whacking up signs and special fences, people were still finding ways to jump.So the solution was to cover it with butter, making it too slippery to climb and quicker for guards to nab them. One of the guards said “Since we put up the butter there have been no problems with these attention seekers.”

Psst Wait until someone breaks their neck slipping on the shit and sues the government. Whoops, hang on wait, it’s China….never mind!

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