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Hiking For Dumbasses!

Hmm, I wonder if they wouldn't mind delivering a pizza?

Hmm, I wonder if they wouldn't mind delivering a pizza?

OK, here’s the thing you goddamn yuppie, generation X and Y, friggin hikers , you do not and I repeat do not use your “personal locator beacon” because the friggin water you found tasted a little salty. The group of men and their teenage sons were attempting to hike the Royal Arch Loop in California when they pressed the panic button, not once, but three times resulting in a scramble of helicopters and rescue parties to the canyon. Problem? They were concerned that the water that they found could be unsafe because it tasted a tad salty. Hmm, seems it is an ongoing problem for rescue teams as technology makes it so much easier for completely inexperienced idiots to venture into the wilderness and be able to call for help on a whim. Thank god for grizzlies!

Psst Rescuers now refer to these GPS devices as “Yuppie 911”

2nd Psst Please note, Baby Boomers were deliberately left out of this post because they are too friggin old to even consider hiking and besides, they spawned the new generation!


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