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Writings On The Wall

cheater OK, here’s the thing disgruntled hubby. If you are going to set light to a house don’t be scrawling “My wife is a cheater” on the outside walls, it makes it look kinda obvious to investigators who started it.  Just saying.

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Thought YOU were Having A Bad Day?

Law student runs over bystanderYou are a law student, who has just been ejected from a late night bar , when you see a group of people spraying graffiti on a public library so you confront them. Next thing you know you’re punched , you’re phone taken and your car tagged. What do you do? Hmm, well if you are this pissed off female law student you get into your freshly spray painted car and try and run them down. Only hiccup was the damn bystander you plowed into it. Oh and the fact you left the scene of the accident. That’s an assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident charge right there. Oh, and possibly a DUI if the blood test proves positive. Life’s a bitch and so is the law.


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Granny Suspected of Racist Graffiti

My bad?

Oh sweet niblets, a 78 year old Omaha woman is suspected of writing racist graffiti on a garage door of a house which had been displaying a support sign for black Democratic congressional candidate John Ewing. One of her choice words was the “N” word.


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I Think It Might Be A Very Old Graffiti Artist!

Today I did my usual trudge up and down Jacob’s Ladder and came across this interesting piece of graffiti. Seriously,  “Nana’s Knickers’ ? Dude, you better not be talking about my undies!!!!


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Bulgarian Banksy

Just when you thought Banksy had cornered the graffiti market some Bulgarian with a spray can goes and does this ….  Click here, you know you want to!


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Hey Mister, That’s Our Artwork!

Oh whoopsie, council cleaners spent a few hours washing away graffiti on pavement at Milton Keynes only to discover it was a charity street art project by teens. Awkward! The teenagers had spent 8 hours creating chalk Halloween murals and were shocked when they returned the following morning to take photos only to discover a council anti-graffiti worker busy at work washing them away. Next time maybe the organizers of The Big Draw might inform the council of their next community charity project. Epic Fail!


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Gang Culture In The Military

OK, hand over your purse lady!

OK people no need for alarm but a Chicago cop who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says there is a growing gang culture in the military and we need to get ready for gang members coming home with military training. Yep, he claims the Bagram Air Base is friggin covered in Chicago gang graffiti and not just from one gang,  from several. The concern is when they return home and back to gang life they will be equipped with military tactics that they can ( and most probably will) use against police, other gangs and the public. Rambo!

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He Deserves to be a Billy Goat Gruff

Oh, for bleating out loud, look at me!

Oh for goodness sakes people! Geordie the goat, who is a well known local icon in New Plymouth (New Zealand), has become a victim of graffiti vandals. Some little shits (or big shits) spray painted FTP (Fuck the police) in bright orange paint across Geordie’s body. Now that’s not nice. As if poor Georgie hasn’t got enough to deal with…it just gets his goat!

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The Pope Pedobeared

Run, it's a pedobear

Oh dear, the Pope really is in a pickle. Two billboards promoting Pope Benedict’s visit to Malta have suddenly acquired two stenciled bears which at first glance look cute and harmless. Hmm, but to the younger generation the image represents “pedobear” a cartoon character used to mock child predators (pedophiles) .Might want to be getting your scrubbing brushes out guys! There are several groups who now use a cartoon version of a teddy bear as a symbol for child predators, the most well known being the one on the right.

The Pope and the pedobears


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Captive Audience

OK here’s the thing Joshua Vasquez, when planning to deface a glass door, don’t do it with over 100 LA County sheriff’s deputies and cops looking on. What Vasquez didn’t know as he begun etching into the glass door was that they could all see him through the glass but he couldn’t see them. It wasn’t long before the cops intervened but Vasquez fled he scene with 40 cops in hot pursuit. As luck would have it he tripped and fell making it way too easy to arrest him.

Psst I’m surprised they didn’t taser the vandal!


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