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Honey, I Killed The Family

ambulanceOK granny, here’s the thing, don’t be serving up hot chocolate if the cocoa expired in 1990….just saying. The poor Italian woman is now facing charges after her son, two grandkids, a friend and herself ended up in hospital after downing the toxic drink. Thanks a lot grandma. Obviously keeping it for a special occasion.


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Granny Isn’t Everyone’s Friend

computer woman 2It seems in Florida when you get denied as a Facebook friend by your grandma it is customary to go slap her face (multiple times). OK, maybe not, but someone didn’t get the memo. A woman who tried to befriend her granny got angry when her request was denied. Seems granny wasn’t impressed with her Facebook moniker and refused to accept her until it was changed. That is when the slapping began and the assault charges followed. I’m guessing Christmas is going to be awks.


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Bye Bye Inheritance

Grandson caught robbing grandmother OK, here’s the thing, if you are going to rob a house, make sure it isn’t your grandmother’s place because she is going to damn recognize you when she rips the purple bandana off your face. Just saying. The grandson, who took off with granny’s purse,  was later arrested at his parent’s home, after granny dobbed him in . He told police he and his mates thought it would be the easiest way to get money for a casino trip they were planning. Hmm, Christmas is going to be awkward.

Want sauce with that?


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The Pitfalls Of Facebook

Note to self, never post a big wad of cash on Facebook.  A 17 year old girl in Sydney, who was helping her granny count a big pile of cash she had stashed, decided to post a photo of it on Facebook. Enter big bad wolves. Two men, armed with a knife and a wooden club, stormed the teen’s parent’s home that very night demanding the cash. Problem? The teenager didn’t live there and neither did granny. Unfortunately, for the parents they did and had to deal with the thugs. Fail.

Psst Sheez, I hope she friggin  defriend the bastards!!!


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Whitney Tribute By 90 Year Old

One of Whitney Houston’s oldest fans posted a tribute to the singer on Youtube.  This 90 year old is legally blind and very hard of hearing but just loves to dance.  You go girl.



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Might Have Given Some Thought To Genetics Lady!

I'd be a fabulous granny

OK, here’s the thing woman who wants to be a granny, hiring a man to rape your daughter so your dream can come true is kinda harsh! The 51 year old South African woman organized a local man to rape her 24 year old daughter (without a condom) in the hope that she would become pregnant because she so desperately wanted to become a grandmother. After the attack and rape the daughter rang police telling them of the plot. No word on whether her wish has come true.

Want sauce with that?


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Great Start To Life

How much do you reckon you could sell your eight week old grandson for? Well, if you are Patty Bigbee (45) from Florida about $30,000. OK, she started at $75,000 but in the end settled for less than half. Bummer the deal was being monitored by the police because now she’ll probably end up in the same place as the baby’s mom ….in jail. As for the bub he’ll probably spend the rest of his life hating family functions and Christmas!


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Don’t Taze My Granny

Oh my, for the worst taser story you are going to hear all week. Police in Oklahoma allegedly tasered a 86 year old disabled woman in her bed and stood on her oxygen hose until she couldn’t breathe. It all started when her grandson, Lonnie Tinsley, rang 911 to request medical assistance after being unable to work out if his grandmother had taken her medication. Enter up to 10 El Reno police officers, who “pushed their way through the door”.When granny, Lorna Varner, saw them all she told them to get out. That’s when the leader of the pack told another officer to taser her. Later in his report he wrote he gave the orders because she “took a more aggressive posture in her bed,” and was fearful for his safety. Meanwhile the grandson, who begged them not to taze his gran was pulled out of the apartment, handcuffed and placed in the police car. Before she was tasered police stepped on her oxygen hose. After only one wire struck her the first time she was tasered they fired a second taser, causing her to pass out and give her nasty burns to the chest. She was then grabbed by the forearms (causing her soft flesh to tear) and handcuffed. The El Reno police later arranged for her to be placed in the psychiatric ward. The family are currently suing the City of El Reno, Duran, Officers Frank Tinga and Joseph Sandberg, and other 10 Officers.

Psst Hmm, why weren’t criminal charges laid? Me thinks there is more to this story!!!!!


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Thanks A Lot Gran

It's OK kid, granny forgot!

OMG, a British granny escaped from her burning house with the family dogs but forgot about her grandkid. Whoopsie. Mandy Hands and her son fled the burning building with the pets but forgot that her grandson Curtis was asleep in the spare bedroom. It was only after they were safely outside and someone asked if there was anyone else in the house did she remember. Fortunately Curtis was later rescued by firefighters.Hmm, I’m guessing there will be a few  extra  big pressies under the tree at Christmas, hey Curtis?


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Granny Jailed For Slapping Granddaughter

Hmm, now lets see, who am I putting in my will now?

OK, here’s the thing 73 year old granny, slapping your granddaughter for giving you lip will get you a date with a magistrate! Theresa Collier found herself behind bars after she slapped her 18 year old granddaughter. Felicity Collier , who was forced to finish her senior year online because she told a nun at her Catholic school to “fuck off”, went to her gran’s house to finish homework on the computer. However, when Felicity began procrastinating over her homework, granny ask her to finish it but was greeted with a raging rant which included the f-word. In the end Theresa, who had had enough, slapped her across the face. Next thing she knew Felicity had rung the cops and she was being dragged off to jail.


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