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Over His Dead Body

What up nanny state? When a grandfather requested to have “The little bugger did his best” on his gravestone his grandson wasn’t expecting the council response. Evidently they deemed it inappropriate language. Boo. The grandson said it was his granddad’s dying wish but the English council are adamant it won’t be allowed. They fear a member of the public may get offended.

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Edgar Allan Poe is Nevermore

In 2010  I wrote a  post about the Poe Toaster, a mysterious person, who, for  60 years, had  visited Edgar Allan Poe’s grave on the 19th of January of every year to leave three roses and half a bottle of cognac next to it.  The reason I had written the post was because for the first time ever, the toaster was a no show. Since 1949 the figure dressed in black and wearing  a wide brimmed hat would appear from the shadows to pay their respects. The event became so popular among Poe admirers that crowds would gather in the wee hours to  catch a glimpse of the Poe Toaster .

Anywho, during my recent visit to the States, I discovered the cemetery was in Baltimore, right  smack bang in the center of town. Yes Loons, of course I went to pay my respects and guess what I found ?


Woohoo, someone had left a half bottle of Cognac.

Psst By the way, the cemetery was nothing like I imagined.  It didn’t have the “boo” factor I was expecting. It is in the middle of Baltimore’s CBD  and very small.


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roses 2As parents were laying flowers on the grave of their son they got the fright of their life when they heard ‘Hello mum and dad. I’m back.’ coming from behind them. Hmm, seems that wasn’t their son in the grave but a random they had identified as their missing son. Their real son, who had up and left to ‘find himself’ in 2011,  had no clue that his parents thought he was dead. Evidently following the son’s disappearance the police notified them about a body found in a forrest which they mistakenly identified. Police are now reopening files and exhuming the body to find out who is in the grave.


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Kleenex Time Loons

Sorry, that was the closest shot I had to a German Shepard

You know how much I love a tear jerker!!!   When Miquel Guzman died in 2006 he not only left behind his grieving family but his beloved German Shepard, Captain. A few days after the funeral Captain up and left. The family searched and searched for the dog, to no avail. A few weeks later, when they went to visit Miquel’s grave, there was Captain lying next it.  The family were astonished as the dog had never been taken to the cemetery before, let alone top Miquel’s grave. Captain ran up to family barking and howling but despite all efforts he wouldn’t leave the cemetery. The next time they visited the grave Captain was still there but this time he followed them home, only to stay a short time before disappearing again as it got dark.

For 6 years the cemetery staff have been feeding and caring for the dog who refuses to leave his master’s side. During the day he spends his time wandering around the cemetery but every evening,  around 6pm, he rushes back to the grave and lays on top of it and stays there all night. Now that, my friends, is what I call loyal.


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Hitler’s Parents Grave Now Available

Anyone want to share a grave with Hitler’s parents? Evidently one of the relis no longer wants to pay the lease on the site for Alois and Klara Hitler, which means it’s up for grabs. The elderly woman who had been paying the lease said she was too old to care for it and tired of it “being used for manifestations of sympathy” for Hitler. Seems those pesky little Neo Nazis just won’t stop leaving flowers and Nazi messages there. Thanks a friggin lot son!!!!


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Psychic Fail – No Mass Grave Discovered in Texas

My bad?

OMG, Texas police are currently investigating a mass grave on a property in Houston believed to contain up to 30 bodies. It gets worse. Rumors are flying that many of  bodies are those of  children. The bodies were discovered buried outside a house in Hardin following a tip off. The owner of the property, Joe Bankston, allegedly told police his daughter’s boyfriend attempted to commit suicide a few weeks ago by cutting his wrists and there is still blood on the porch.

UPDATE There are conflicting reports about the discovery. According to the Houston Chronicle the tip came from a psychic (oh!) and no bodies have been found. However, CNN are reporting 20 bodies have been discovered…. stay tuned.

LATEST UPDATE Move on people, nothing to see here, false alarm. Psychic full of shit.


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Sorry, Don’t Know The Answer

If anyone happens across the body of an 85 year old quizmaster, it’s probably Mike Bongiorno. Some one has nicked his body from a grave in Arona near Milan. The dude was one of Italy’s “Quiz show king” for more than 50 years and worse still was a close mate of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The body snatching theft has left the nation stunned and bewildered. So far no ransom has been demanded for the return of the body.


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Hey, Isn’t That The Same Name As Your Son?

Sheez, here’s a shocker. A French couple accidentally stumbled across the grave of their son they thought was alive while attending a funeral for another relative. Josiane Vermeersch and Elie Langlet were just leaving the Hellemmes cemetery when a family member noticed a headstone in the paupers area. It read “Olivier Langlet, 1968-2010.” The shocked parents spoke to a local undertaker only to realize it in fact their son’s grave.  The son, who lived less than a mile from them, had died of natural causes in July. A minor tiff within the family had lead to them not speaking. Despite this they want to know why no one was notified.


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Baby Mummy Missing

The craziest mummy story you’re going to hear all week. Picture this, nearly a century ago a baby died soon after childbirth but rather than bury it, the family decided to keep it as a memento. The mummified body then became part of the family, looked after in part by Charles Peavey. Relatives would give it cards during the holidays and it was also given a dried fish as a pet. However in 2006 Peavey’s 4 year old niece let slip at daycare about the baby, resulting in the 18 inch mummy being DNA tested. The results later confirmed the child had died from natural causes but unfortunately it couldn’t be returned to Mr Peavey because they couldn’t conclude that the mummy was actually related to him. Oh boy! Anywho, so in 2008 the baby was buried in an unmarked grave at Concord’s Blossom Hill Cemetery.OK, so now here is where the story gets a little weird. Last weekend authorities found the grave disturbed and when they exhumed it the mummified baby was no longer in the casket. Gone I say, gone. Hmm, I wonder where it went? Mr Peavey denies any involvement.


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The Mystery Of Sean Flynn Could Be Solved

Last photograph ever taken of Sean Flynn and Dana Stone

The mystery of what happened to Errol Flynn’s son may finally be solved after bone fragments were found near his suspected grave. Sean Flynn was a photographic journalist, who loved nothing better than taking on high risk assignments in war zones during the 1960’s. On April 6th, 1970, he,  along with fellow journalist Dana Stone, were captured by the Vietcong while on assignment in Cambodia. It is believed the pair, who were on motorcycles, were captured by the communist guerrillas at a roadblock on Highway 1 and  later  were handed over to Khmer Rouge who eventually killed them in June, 1971 . Sean’s mother, actress Lili Damita spent the most of her life and a considerable amount of money searching for her son before having him declared legally dead in 1984.The bones, believed to those of Sean, were discovered after a local man said he saw the Khmer Rouge soldiers kill a man matching his description in 1971.The bone fragments are currently being DNA tested.


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