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Vampire Graveyard

Vampire graveyard found in PolandRun loons, archeologists in Poland have unearthed a friggin vampire graveyard. Hmm, maybe they should stake it out. The skeletons, which had their heads removed and placed near their legs, were found during road construction. This practice was popular in medieval times to make sure that if a corpse rose from the dead it couldn’t find its head. Hello, a headless vampire is just as scary!!!!


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Calling Norman Bates, Norman Bates To The Front Desk.

Honey, sweetie,darl, digging up mummified women and dressing them up, is no way to go about your life. A Russian man, believed to be a historian, is being held by police after the remains of 27  females (in dresses) were found in his flat. The  bodies are thought to have been stolen from local graves. Dude! He was evidently planning to publish a guide book on exploring cemeteries.


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Grave Robbing Proof Fence

You know what I hate? When friggin dogs start digging up graves, I really hate that! Workers in the Northern Territory are putting up fences around several cemeteries in remote communities to stop them digging up bones of the deceased.

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