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Great White Just Messing With Ya

Those great white sharks ….. such kidders. A great white in South Africa decided to pop a rubber boat and then watch the frantic film crew try to make it back to shore without sinking. Made his day.


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Kelly Slater Nearly Became Lunch

Kelly Slater is one lucky bastard, check out the 17 seconds mark on the video and tell me that isn’t a Great White looking for lunch?

Psst Western Australia, the dinner plate of the Great White


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Nasty Assed Great White

And you thought honey badgers don’t give  a shit?


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Kickass Hero Saves Guide From Great White Shark

Kickass Hero

OMG, there is one very sorry assed shark swimming around Rockingham today. The great white was thwarted from lunching on a snorkeler by a kickass hero who grabbed it’s tail and yanked him off the left buttock of Elyse Frankcom (19). The attack happened during a “swim with the dolphins” tour in Perth. Frankcom, one of the Rockingham Wild Encounters tour guides, was snorkeling in about 7m of water when the 3m great white struck. It sunk its teeth into her hip and left buttock before the kickass hero (who declined to give his name) grabbed the sharks tail, making it let go of her. Not done, the kickass hero then dived underwater to grab the now sinking tour guide, pulling her back to the surface and onto the boat. Ms Frankcom, who is expected to make a full recovery, told medics she also punched the shark in the face. Humiliated much Mr great white shark ?

Psst A search is now on to identify the kickass hero so he can be nominated for Australia’s highest award for heroism. AND no it wasn’t Chuck Norris!


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